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#EndSARS : A movement finding healing six months after a massacre

  22/04 | “We asked to not be killed and we got killed for it.” In early October 2020, thousands of young Nigerians took to the streets in over (...)

Chad : The bed Déby made

  22/04 | Dying on the frontlines after two decades in power, Idriss Déby leaves behind fractured politics, poverty, and a rebel group on the (...)

“My house is crumbling” : Living in limbo along the East Africa pipeline

  21/04 | People along the route of the proposed 1,443 km oil pipeline talk of confusion, uncertainty and lives on hold. Following the recent (...)

A Two-Year Presidential Extension in Somalia ?

  21/04 | Understanding Somalia's Political Marketplace The post A Two-Year Presidential Extension in Somalia? appeared first on African (...)

“A short illness ?” Why we deserve to know what kills our leaders

20/04 | The secrecy around presidents’ deaths perpetuates stigmas and misses a huge opportunity for public health promotion. The death of former (...)

Why are Kenyans trolling the IMF ?

20/04 | Kenya’s economy is struggling, but many believe another loan will only benefit corrupt officials and leave ordinary citizens to pay off (...)

Extending Conversations around Labia Elongation beyond Heterosexual Encounters

19/04 | Doing More on Sexuality Series: Discussions on Genital Modification Practices The post Extending Conversations around Labia Elongation (...)

The Tale of Eritrean Withdrawal from Tigray : But Where is the Border ?

15/04 | Eritrea's involvement in the Tigray war The post The Tale of Eritrean Withdrawal from Tigray: But Where is the Border? appeared (...)

I was abducted by Museveni’s regime. This is what I saw.

15/04 | Hundreds of people have been seized by Ugandan security forces in recent months. Some re-emerge. Others don’t. For the last few years in (...)

Covid-19 in Africa : Youth at the Fore

14/04 | Age of Agitation Series: Youth in Africa at the fore of Covid The post Covid-19 in Africa: Youth at the Fore appeared first on African (...)


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La Liga : Atletico Madrid beat Huesca to return to the top

  22/04 | Atletico Madrid returned to the top of La Liga with a 2-0 win over Huesca 24 hours after withdrawing from the European Super League. (...)

Africa Volleyball Club Championship:Pipeline continues with winning run, Prisons to play CS (...)

  22/04 | Kenya Pipeline women’s volleyball club extended their good run at the ongoing Africa Women’s Volleyball Club championship after (...)

Adultery : Archbishop Ntagali makes public apology

  22/04 | The former Archbishop Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali has made a public apology and sought the forgiveness of all concerned over (...)

Coronavirus : WHO urges African nations to keep expired vaccines

  22/04 | The WHO appeal comes after Malawi and South Sudan said they planned to destroy some 70,000 doses.

Egypt signs agreement with China to manufacture Sinovac vaccine locally

  22/04 | Egyptian Holding Company for Biological Products and Vaccines (VACSERA) and Chinese biopharmaceutical company Sinovac signed an (...)

UNICEF voices concern over UK´s cut to foreign development aid

  22/04 | The UN Children´s Fund (UNICEF) joined on Thursday hundreds of the UK´s charities and aid organizations in voicing concern following (...)
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