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Kisumu Port Resurrects After Collapse Of EAC in 1978

  24/01 | The East African Region may breath back to its full glory as Kenya government announced a move to revive Kisumu Port that has been (...)

Kisumu Port Resurrects After Collapse Of EAC in 1978

  24/01 | The East African Region may breath back to its full glory as Kenya government announced a move to revive Kisumu Port that has been (...)

CHAN Group C Permutations : What Rwanda Needs To Reach Quarterfinals

  23/01 | With one match left for each team in Group C at the Africa Nations Championships (CHAN 2021), Rwanda are one positive results away from (...)

Paris Court of Appeal endorses decision to bring Bucyibaruta Laurent to book

  23/01 | Paris Court of Appeal has endorsed the ruling to try Bucyibaruta Laurent, suspected of role in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. - (...)

RRA urges businesses and taxpayers to comply with Trading License and Rental Income Tax (...)

  23/01 | Rwanda Revenue Authority has urged business owners and owners of immovable property to comply with the deadline for declaring and (...)

Kigali city distributes foodstuffs to residents hit hard by Covid-19

  23/01 | Kigali city has started distributing foods to residents who force their meal upon daily work. The donation follows the lockdown imposed (...)

COVID-19 : Over 90 caught in bars drinking in Eastern Province

  23/01 | Police and local authorities in the Eastern Province have arrested at least 91 people, who were found in different bars drinking. - (...)

COVID-19 : Three more deaths, 273 new cases

  23/01 | The Ministry of Health has reported three people who have succumbed to COVID-19 pandemic bringing the death toll to 165. The deceased (...)

Let’s Learn About Islam- The Religion Of Truth

  23/01 | Islam is an Arabic word that denotes submission, surrender, and obedience. As a religion, Islam stands for complete submission and (...)

Let’s Learn About Islam- The Religion Of Truth

  23/01 | Islam is an Arabic word that denotes submission, surrender, and obedience. As a religion, Islam stands for complete submission and (...)

Denial, Panic and Then Hope : An Encounter with COVID-19

  23/01 | It’s nearly one year since the first case of New Coronavirus was detected in Rwanda. As the country continues to battle the COVID-19 (...)

All Tokyo Olympics Athletes To Get Vaccinated

  23/01 | The International Olympic Committee is working with the World Health Organisation to get all athletes vaccinated in a bid to save the (...)

DR Congo

Congo (DRC) latest news. [More news on our RD Congo french section ]

Raise hope for Congo

RAISE Hope for Congo, a campaign of the Enough Project, aims to build a permanent and diverse constituency of activists who will advocate for the human rights of all Congolese citizens and work (...)


21/12 | Minembwe le 21, Décembre 2020, Le groupe d'autodéfense Twirwaneho porte à la connaissance du public que dès ce matin du 21 décembre (...)


10/11 | Finalement la vérité commence à sortir concernant l'installation de la commune rurale de Minembwe, et c'est bien dans la bouche du (...)

Earth's Deepest River Conceals an Evolutionary Mystery

25/02 | The lower Congo River's depths have made it a natural lab for convergent evolution, yielding fish with unexpected (...)

‘System K' Review : Art in the Streets of Desperation

7/01 | The poverty and chaos of Kinshasa drive an art scene that's vivid, unrelenting and genuinely dangerous.

From Ebola to Kunduz : MSF head Joanne Liu looks back

12/09 | The international president of Médecins Sans Frontières stepped down last week after six years at the helm. <![CDATA[/* (...)

A year into Congo’s Ebola epidemic and no end in sight

1er/08 | The Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo shows no sign of slowing, a year after the outbreak was declared, on 1 August (...)

Ebola Outbreak in Congo Is Declared a Global Health Emergency

17/07 | The World Health Organization issued the order; the virus has infected more than 2,500 people and killed nearly (...)

New Congolese President Pardons 700

14/03 | President Felix Tshisekedi pardoned political prisoners jailed under his predecessor, fulfilling a promise to do so during his first (...)

Congo Siasa is moving...

21/11 | Bandeko, After some six years and over 2,5 million views, Congo Siasa will be moving to the website of the Congo Research Group, a new (...)

Podcast : Interview avec l'Abbé Santedi Kinkupu, Secrétaire général de la (...)

Jean Kenge : Paralyser la CENI pour mieux glisser ?

4/11 | Le Congo-Kinshasa ne serait pas lui-même si la vie s’y déroulait comme un long fleuve tranquille, sans se payer le luxe d’une nouvelle (...)

Burundi rights defender says the problem is political power not ethnic relations

18/05 | Burundi should be proud of a man like Pierre Claver Mbonimpa who devotes his life to the service of his country but instead it... The (...)

Paul Kagame

Paul Kagame Official website of the Presidency of Rwanda

Preserving Brutal Histories, One Garment at a Time

  22/01 | An expert in conserving garments for museums and collectors finds a new calling in saving the clothes worn by victims of (...)

Kayonza Man Arrested Over Growing Marijuana at Home, Claims It's Legal

22/01 | [New Times] A 35-year-old man in Kabarondo, Kayonza District, was Wednesday evening arrested over growing 157 cannabis trees in his (...)

Rwanda Deploys Mobile Dryers to Tackle Post-Harvest Losses

22/01 | [New Times] The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) has embarked on the use of mobile grain dryers in a bid to (...)

COVID-19 : Deaths, New Cases Surge as Rwanda Readies for Vaccine Rollout

21/01 | Rwanda on Thursday recorded the highest number of New Coronavirus-related deaths in a single day ever since the pandemic broke out in (...)

Unpacking Rwanda's Plan to Distribute Covid-19 Vaccine

21/01 | [New Times] The arrival of the Covid-19 vaccine is probably the most anticipated development in Rwanda, as the virus continues to wreak (...)

Joe Biden sworn in as 46th U.S president

21/01 | Joe Biden has become the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday, declaring that "democracy has prevailed" as he (...)

EAC endorses Kenya's Amina Mohamed for WTO director-general

5/10 | The director-general WTO is appointed through consensus, meaning endorsements help a candidate amass broad agreement among member (...)

Shock as Ethiopian Kitata dethrones Eliud Kipchoge in London

4/10 | It was a great victory for Kitata who finally claimed revenge against Kipchoge

Le Héros d’‘Hotel Rwanda’ Pris au Piège de L’Homme Fort du Pays

19/09 | Paul Rusesabagina, le plus célèbre des Rwandais, est le prisonnier de son ennemi juré, le président Paul Kagame. L’ancien hôtelier est (...)

Paul Kagame and the legitimacy question

17/07 | Ever since Rwanda was discovered, western explorers raised the legitimacy question. Already then, the cohesion of Rwandans was labeled (...)

The Chairman’s acceptance speech : A call for action to the youth

21/06 | During the historic acceptance speech of RPF Chairman Paul Kagame last Saturday, everyone noticed the long time dedicated to the youth. (...)

THE FRIENDS OF EVIL : When NGOs support genocidaires

29/08 | THE FRIENDS OF EVIL: When NGOs support genocidaires By Tom Ndahiro—–Copyright © Tom Ndahiro 2013 Table of contents Foreword Introduction: (...)


Burundi news [More news on our Burundi’s french section ]

Burundi Réalité

Burundi Réalité (english section)

AU's Peace and Security Council Played 'Marginal Role' in 2020 (...)

9/01 | [ISS] The African Union Peace and Security Council's (PSC) response to emerging crises in 2020 was marginal. This is primarily (...)

Burundi Records Highest Cases of Covid-19 After Festive Season

7/01 | [East African] Burundi has announced 40 new Covid-19 cases, the highest number of cases recorded in the country within two days since (...)

Rwanda Rejects Request to Deport Suspected Burundian Coup Plotters

29/12 | [East African] Rwanda has reiterated its unwillingness to deport individuals accused of orchestrating the 2015 coup plot against former (...)

Burundi’s humanitarian crisis : An inconvenient truth for the ruling party

20/08 | With less than a year to Burundi’s presidential election, aid workers and political analysts say the ruling party is intent on (...)

The trouble with plans to send 116,000 Burundian refugees home

5/03 | Under pressure to go home, Burundian refugees in Tanzania face two bad options: return to face social and economic hardship and (...)

As risks rise in Burundi, refuge in Tanzania is no longer secure

8/05 | A political almanac, a miniature desk flag, a poster of presidents past and present: symbols of Tanzania, the country that has given (...)

Where are Burundi’s missing witnesses to crimes against humanity ?

16/11 | In Burundi, it’s not just witnesses to the politically motivated string of murders, torture, and rapes who are going missing, it’s also (...)

A shot across the bows from The Hague as ICC investigates Burundi

10/11 | By authorising a full-scale investigation into alleged crimes against humanity committed by state actors in Burundi, judges of the (...)

If UN is to be credible, it must act on Burundi before it's too late

11/10 | The Burundian government carries the primary responsibility for protecting its citizens from crimes against humanity, but instead it’s (...)

Burundi officials should be tried for “crimes against humanity” : UN commission

4/09 | Burundians “at the highest level of the state” and in its security services should face trial at the International Criminal Court for (...)

Hate speech stirs trouble in Burundi

21/08 | Next month, the Commission of Enquiry on Burundi, established by the UN Human Rights Council, is due to deliver its final report on (...)

International action needed over Burundi now

26/07 | Two years ago, President Pierre Nkurunziza ignited a political crisis in Burundi when he announced that he would run for a (...)

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IMG: #Kwibuka25 @ Kigali 4-5 April 2019 International Conference Intare Conference Arena, Kigali 7th April 2019 Commemoration Day – 7th April 2019 Kigali Convention Centre, Kigali (...)
IMG: BBC « Rwanda's Untold Story » : letter to Tony Hall "Rwanda’s Untold Story tarnishes the BBC’s well-deserved reputation for objective and balanced journalism. We urge the BBC to apologise for the offence this (...)
IMG: Security Council measures imposed on Democratic Republic of Congo Neighbours Support M23, Says Congolese Representative, as Rwandan Counterpart Rejects Report by Group of Experts Monitoring Sanctions. Strongly condemning (...)
IMG: DRC : The deadliest war in Africa enters a new phase UN intervention Brigade is it the solution to the crisis in the DRC ? A filmed conversation between two young filmmakers and M23. Thus we presented the (...)
IMG: What is going on in Kivu ? In 1994, the perpetrators of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda fled en masse to Kivu in eastern Congo. For nearly twenty years, remnants of the (...)
IMG: Why is the Hero of Hotel Rwanda Controversial ? When I first came to America in 2007, people I met asked where I come from. Being from Rwanda always trigged more questions… “Oh my God ! Did you see the (...)
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