Dossier d’analyse sur les relations entre la Chine et l’Afrique. Proposez-nous un site ou des articles sur ce thème.
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Propagande médiatique contre la Chine (3)

  25/05 | Suivre l’actualité, courir après le vent. Penser l’actualité, marcher à contre-courant. Donald Trump, élu par l’Amérique rurale peu touchée (...)

Lusaka Mayor Personally Shuts Down Chinese Barbershop For Not Serving Local Customers. “This is (...)

25/05 | Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa personally shut down a Chinese-run barbershop on Friday for allegedly not serving local customers and (...)

Three Chinese Nationals Murdered and Their Lusaka Warehouse Burned in Apparent (...)

25/05 | The fire department in the Zambian capital Lusaka responded on Sunday to a blaze at a warehouse in the Makeni district. When they (...)

Heritage Foundation to Chinese Government : Thank You for Promoting Our New Report on Chinese (...)

25/05 | John Cooper, a senior communications manager at the Washington, D.C.-based Heritage Foundation think tank, gave a shout out this (...)

China’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe Says Calls for China to Pay Reparations for COVID-19 Are (...)

25/05 | China’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Guo Shaochun, stridently rejected calls for Beijing to pay reparations to other countries for the (...)

In a Dramatic Move, Kenya’s Solicitor General Wants to Terminate the SGR’s Contract With Its (...)

25/05 | Solicitor General Kennedy Ogeto is calling for the immediate termination of Kenya Railways’s contract with the Chinese-owned Africa Star (...)

Background : What Does Kenya Owe ? And to Whom ?

25/05 | While there’s widespread concern in Kenya about the country falling prey to a Chinese “debt trap,” the reality is that Kenyans should be (...)

With No Debt Relief Deal in Place, Africa’s Economic Crisis Worsens by the Day

25/05 | The cost of borrowing for many African governments is rapidly rising as the economic crisis on the continent worsens. While the (...)

Chinese Officials Are Rallying Behind the G20’s Debt Relief Efforts But Saying Little About All (...)

25/05 | China’s Ambassador to Namibia, Zhang Yiming, Tweeted out a summary of Wang Yi’s comments related to Africa that the foreign minister (...)

Chinese FM Wang Yi Pushes Back Against Critics in Africa and Offers More Public Support for the (...)

25/05 | Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a press conference on Sunday with both domestic and international journalists during the ongoing (...)

Government Buildings in Africa Are a Likely Vector for Chinese Spying

22/05 | Government Buildings in Africa Are a Likely Vector for Chinese Spying Joshua Meservey The Heritage Foundation, 20 mai 2020 Lire à (...)

La Chine profite de la lutte contre la pandémie en Afrique pour vendre ses entreprises

22/05 | La Chine profite de la lutte contre la pandémie en Afrique pour vendre ses entreprises Frédéric Bobin Le Monde, 21 mai 2020, Lire à (...)

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AidData China

AidData - Tracking Chinese Development Finance to Africa Informations / Medias : "Over the last decade, assistance from non-Western governments has expanded (...)

« - Un observatoire unique de la Chine-Afrique » Le centre de gravité de l’économie se déplace à vive allure avec deux locomotives : la Chine et l’Afrique. La République populaire (...)

Chinafrique (

Le dossier « Chinafrique » d' offre un journal quotidien contenant des informations sur 56 pays africains

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IMG: Vidéo : Quand la Chine rencontre l'Afrique Un documentaire sur l’engagement commercial de la Chine en Afrique de Marc et Nick Francis. Retour sur le parcours de trois hommes d’affaire chinois à la (...)
IMG: La Chine, une puissance africaine Alors que vient de se terminer le second Forum du peuple Chine-Afrique (10 au 11 juillet 2012 à Suzhou), il nous parait intéressant de revenir, avec François (...)
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