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AfricaFiles (Ecology)

AfricaFiles - Ecology AfricaFiles is a network of volunteers committed to promoting African perspectives and alternative analyses for human rights and economic justice in (...)

Fauna & Flora

Fauna & Flora - Africa Latest news from Fauna & Flora Africa

Southern Africa Resource Watch

Southern Africa Resource Watch SARW’s mission is to ensure that natural resources extraction contributes to sustainable development, a development that meets the needs of the present without (...)

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Nigeria : FG Commences N140bn Solar Installation in 5m Homes Nationwide

  29/11 | [This Day] -Offers 5 to 10 percent interest rate to solar companies to fund initiative

Nigeria : Nigeria Loses 2,000 to Snakebites Annually

  29/11 | [This Day] No fewer than 2,500 persons die annually in Nigeria as a result of snakebites, Nigeria Snakebite Research and Intervention (...)

Ant and termite prey of the giant pangolin Smutsia gigantea Illiger, 1815 in forest–savannah (...)

24/11 | Ghislain F. Difouo, Franklin T. Simo, Sévilor Kekeunou, Giovanni Titti Ebangue, Lyiong Giscard Ndoh, David Olson (...)

First record of a Cape cobra Naja nivea (Reptilia : Squamata) preying on an aardwolf Proteles (...)

23/09 | Michael F. Bates, Beryl Wilson African Journal of Ecology, (...)
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