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Ethiopia : Parties Acclaim Tigrians Who Rescued Massacre Targets in Mai Kadra

  28/11 | [Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA - People of Tigray in Mai Kadra have proven Ethiopian culture of sympathy when they safeguarded some (...)

Nigeria : #endsars - IG Adamu, Top Officers Strategise Against Threat of New (...)

  28/11 | [This Day] -Inspector General of Police: Those planning to come up with another violent protest should re-think; we are prepared to (...)

Switzerland’s Crucial Vote on Corporate Accountability

27/11 | Click to expand Image A gold trading shop in Santa Milagrose, Jose Panganiban, Philippines © 2014 Mark Z. Saludes for Human Rights Watch (...)

Pakistan : Surge in Targeted Killings of Ahmadis

26/11 | Click to expand Image Pakistani police officers gather at the district court in Peshawar following the killing of Tahir Shamim Ahmad, (...)

Belgium Arrests 3 Men Suspected of Involvement in Rwandan Genocide

3/10 | The men, whose identities were not made public, are charged with serious abuse of human rights.

Le Héros d’‘Hotel Rwanda’ Pris au Piège de L’Homme Fort du Pays

19/09 | Paul Rusesabagina, le plus célèbre des Rwandais, est le prisonnier de son ennemi juré, le président Paul Kagame. L’ancien hôtelier est (...)

The FDLR in North and South Kivu : A State within a State

2/09 | By Onesphore Sematumba 1. Who are the FDLR? A shapeless entity, a “state within a state,” a phenomenon – there are a lot of descriptions (...)

Slavery in the DR Congo : FDLR are the masters

2/09 | “Master and Slaves”: Daily life in the FDLR-controlled areas of Mwenga and neighbouring territories in South Kivu By Patrick Mihali (...)

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IMG: Security Council measures imposed on Democratic Republic of Congo Neighbours Support M23, Says Congolese Representative, as Rwandan Counterpart Rejects Report by Group of Experts Monitoring Sanctions. Strongly condemning (...)
IMG: What is going on in Kivu ? In 1994, the perpetrators of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda fled en masse to Kivu in eastern Congo. For nearly twenty years, remnants of the (...)
IMG: The Travesty of Human Rights Watch on Rwanda What Human Rights Watch (HRW) does on Rwanda is not human rights advocacy. It is political advocacy which has become profoundly unscrupulous in both its (...)
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