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Jews and Arabs share genetic link to ancient Canaanites, study finds

  31/05 | Today’s Jews and Arabs in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and parts of Syria get half their ancestry from Bronze Age Levantines, who descended (...)

Coronavirus Israel live : Temple Mount complex, Al-Aqsa Mosque reopens after more than two (...)

  31/05 | Only schools with outbreaks set to close ■ Dozens of staff in two hospitals quarantined ■ Over 100 test positive for coronavirus (...)

Where is Israel's food industry heading ?

  31/05 | Are food imports and exports a thing of the past?

Yoav Gallant : If we close schools, kids will infect others elsewhere

  31/05 | Education Minister Yoav Gallant decided to keep schools open despite the spike in coronavirus cases found among students and staff (...)
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