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Israeli boy finds tablet immortalizing victorious Canaanite and his naked captive

  25/05 | Nothing remains of the 3,500-year-old Canaanite mud-city of Yerza but scattered pottery and this gloating triumph from the past, now (...)

Pro-Israel Jews will still vote Trump. Even when he promotes anti-Semites and Holocaust (...)

  25/05 | 25 percent of U.S. Jews are convinced the president is their best friend. There is nothing Trump could do or say, short of bombing (...)

Moscow on the Jordan : Why Russia is eyeing the Palestinian arena

  25/05 | Russia's apparent interest in Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not because it is concerned with resolving (...)

Attempted stabbing attack near Shiloh, no IDF soldiers injured

  25/05 | The Palestinian WAFA news agency reported that a number of Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian shepherds in the plain between (...)

Israeli researchers develop 'self-disinfecting' mask amid coronavirus

  25/05 | In recent weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has forced the hands of governments across the globe to require their national constituency (...)

3,500-year-old plate depicting power struggle in ancient Negev discovered

  25/05 | Imri Elia, a resident of Kibbutz Niri, found the small engraved clay plate featuring two human figures near Tel (...)

Trump admin warns Los Angeles stay-at-home extension could be illegal

  25/05 | Eric Garcetti, LA's first elected Jewish mayor, said the city would be guided by science and data rather than (...)

LISTEN : Bibi’s slash-and-burn strategy puts Israel on trial

  25/05 | Even as the accused in a criminal trial, Israel’s PM still puts himself above the good of his country - with potentially catastrophic (...)

Trump slaps travel ban on Brazil amid worsening coronavirus outbreak

  25/05 | Brazil's death toll, which often slows over the weekend due to reporting delays, rose by 653 confirmed fatalities on Sunday to (...)

Did our drumming contribute to beating the Neanderthals ?

  25/05 | Groups that drum together bond and can better perform tasks together even later on, Bar-Ilan musicologists and psychologists (...)

Israeli army : Soldiers fire at Palestinians after stabbing attempt ; witnesses dispute (...)

  25/05 | Palestinian report contradicts Israeli claim that two men attacked soldiers with a sickle, says two they were shepherds shot at by (...)

Trump retweets series of sexist and personal attacks against top female Democrats

  25/05 | Pelosi, who is second in line for the presidency, has not spoken directly to Trump since October 16, when she attended a White House (...)
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