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5,000 students are going on rent strike : on the past and future of our movement

  18/01 | manc_rent_strike.jpg Originally published by the 68 Collective and then by Notes from Below, this essay by student rent strike (...)

“Now and then the flame dies down, but solidarity is a stream of sparks”

  18/01 | in-court.jpg Ilya Shakursky, an antifascist political prisoner in Russia, appeals to people to write to him, and to others imprisoned (...)

Russia’s Oldest and Largest Class Struggle Website Needs Community's support

15/01 | supportantijob.jpg has been known on the Russian-speaking Internet for almost 20 years. For example, in 2019, the site (...)

Victory : solidarity makes Seattle slumlord drop bogus fees

15/01 | shuler-picket1.jpg Seattle Solidarity Network report on a successful campaign against a slum landlord. Though there was a short period (...)

Movie Review : ‘A United Kingdom’ (2016)

14/01 | united kingdom.jpg A review of a movie about a cross-cultural marriage with political implications. At times the movie hits home by (...)

Chicago Teachers Take Wildcat Action in the Face of Unsafe COVID Conditions

9/01 | CTU strikers.jpg Report from Chicago IWW about recent wildcat strike actions by Chicago area teachers in the face of unsafe working (...)

January 6 : A Mass Base for Fascism ?

7/01 | Jan 6 header.jpg Crimethinc's analysis of the coup attempt in Washington DC: As a consequence of Donald Trump’s supporters occupying (...)

Capitol Riot : The Grambling of Democratic Imagination

7/01 | Capitol-Riots-The-Grabbling-of-Democracy-Imagination.jpg These events were not an aberration from democracy, because simply the USA (...)

100 years Murray Bookchin

2/01 | bookchin1312.png 2021 marks 100 years since the birth of Murray Bookchin (on 14th of January), founding theorist of social ecology and (...)

Washington Prosecutors Refuse to Charge Far-Right Shooter : Prosecutors Send a Clear Message (...)

27/12 | shooter header.jpg Crimethinc write on the state's decision not to press charges over the recent shooting of an antifascist. With (...)


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