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Israel-Palestine : The Missing Headlines Studies show that US coverage is Israeli-centric. The main bureaus for CNN, Associated Press, Time, etc. are located in Israel and often staffed by (...)

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Middle East Clarity - Latest Postings Middle East Clarity brings you the best in aggregation of online political, military and economic news and analysis from and about Israel and the Middle (...)

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One dead in storage room fire in Jerusalem

  26/11 | "Thanks to the professional and rapid activity of the firefighters, the other occupants of the building were not (...)

Life in limbo for thousands of couples unable to marry during COVID-19

  26/11 | Creative solutions for civil marriage during the current crisis such as weddings in foreign embassies and on boats in international (...)

Maradona dies aged 60 : tributes and reaction – latest updates

  25/11 | Maradona, one of the greatest footballers of all time, dies at 60Jonathan Wilson: Maradona the prodigy who fulfilled prophecyEmail Mike (...)

Coronavirus live news : global cases exceed 60m ; the Americas record worst week since (...)

  25/11 | Global cases pass 60m, according Johns Hopkins University; The Americas report more than 1.5m cases in the last seven days, says (...)

Biden team stands by appointment of Palestinian-American senior aide

  25/11 | Reema Dodin faced immediate criticism from some conservative groups but is backed by veteran politicians and Jewish (...)

Netanyahu postpones official visits to Bahrain, UAE

  25/11 | The prime minister, who this week made a secret trip to Saudi Arabia, will visit new Gulf allies in mid-December

The Syrian Prime Minister was a double agent who gave crucial intelligence to David (...)

14/11 | By Meir Zamir First published in Haaretz newspaper on November 13, 2020 In the summer of 1945, no one was more hated by French (...)

The Democrats and Syria : The Potential for a Regional Grand Bargain if Biden Wins (...)

27/10 | By Kevin Amirehsani With the U.S. presidential election just one week away, the Democrats’ sights are set on taking back the Oval (...)

From death in Syria to quarantine in Madrid

28/08 | In Madrid, freedom is forbidden for your protection, and in Syria, the deprivation of freedom is designed to make you die a thousand (...)

In northern Syria, COVID-19 worsens an already dramatic humanitarian crisis

30/07 | Despite the looming threat of COVID-19, military escalation has re-started in the form of a proxy war in Idlib, leaving peaceful (...)

Saving Syria’s Children

25/11 | Londoners: this is happening on Wednesday night, an Intelligence Squared debate with Save the children: How should the world protect (...)

A left-wing response to left-wing delusions on Syria

27/05 | I can’t say I agree with everything in this, but it’s certainly an interesting read. It’s a response to a comment piece by Lindsey German. (...)
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