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Uganda Is Using Huawei’s Facial Recognition Tech To Crack Down On Dissent After Anti-government (...)

  29/11 | Long before the Nov. 18-19 protests in Uganda that left more than 50 people dead, opposition politicians, and local activists had (...)

US Visitors From Developing Nations To Pay Thousands In Visa Bonds

  29/11 | The United States will temporarily require visitors from Iran, Myanmar and a number of African nations to pay up to US$15,000 in visa (...)

Ethiopian PM Reiterates Firm Stance To Bring TPLF Leaders To Justice

  29/11 | The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Friday reiterated his government’s firm stance to bring leaders of the Tigray People’s (...)

Rwanda's first Cardinal, Antoine Kambanda installed

  29/11 | Pope Francis has installed new Cardinals including the Archibishop of Kigali Diocese, Antoine Kambanda in a colorful ceremony held in (...)

Rwanda Lobbies CSOs Engagement in 2050 Development Goals

  28/11 | Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) has published the first Report on the Contribution of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to Rwanda’s (...)

RCS celebrates ten-year anniversary

  28/11 | Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS) has celebrated 10-year anniversary as well as registered achievements in the process of correcting (...)

How Rwanda Rose to The Challenge to Supply Equipment In Fight Against COVID-19

  28/11 | In the next 33 days, the Gregorian Calendar will usher Rwanda in the year 2021, with scars that were caused by the New (...)

2021 Afrobasket Qualifiers Preview - Nigeria Take On Rwanda

  28/11 | [Premium Times] The D'Tigers will be hoping to complete a 3rd consecutive victory over Rwanda come Saturday.

Public Development Banks Meet To Reflect On Pandemic Impact

  28/11 | The first ever international summit of Development Banks recently concluded in Paris, bringing together different participants from (...)

GDP Declines By 12,4% in the Second Quarter

  28/11 | [East African] Rwanda has recorded a 12.4 percent drop in Growth Domestic Product (GDP) in the second quarter from July to September (...)

ICC prosecutor heads to Sudan to discuss Bashir case

17/10 | International Criminal Court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda was due to arrive Saturday in Sudan to discuss the potential extradition of (...)

East Africa could become a major cannabis export hub

17/10 | Rwanda has approved medical cannabis production for export, following closely in the footsteps of Uganda.

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