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Surge in deaths in North Darfur raises fears of disastrous Covid-19 outbreak

29/05 | Doctors warn ill-equipped healthcare system may be unable to provide basic care for coronavirus patientsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee (...)

Halt plan to withdraw Sudan peacekeepers, UN urged

28/05 | Civil groups fear replacing 26,000 troops with a ‘political mission’ will threaten fragile security situation in Darfur Activists in (...)

Locked down in Libya : One refugee’s reflections on conflict and COVID-19

29/04 | I’m writing this on my phone, from a room in the Libyan capital that I share with seven other refugees. Inside my building, there has (...)

Briefing : Sudan comes in from the cold as it transitions to civilian rule

29/08 | Sometime in the next few days, Sudan’s new cabinet will meet for the first time. That will mark the start of a three-year transition (...)
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