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Why America and Israel need a new Iran strategy

29/11 | Mobilization of Arab resources to crowd Iran out is more practical than using US power or Israeli covert ops to subjugate Iran or to (...)

The Syrian Prime Minister was a double agent who gave crucial intelligence to David (...)

14/11 | By Meir Zamir First published in Haaretz newspaper on November 13, 2020 In the summer of 1945, no one was more hated by French (...)

The Democrats and Syria : The Potential for a Regional Grand Bargain if Biden Wins (...)

27/10 | By Kevin Amirehsani With the U.S. presidential election just one week away, the Democrats’ sights are set on taking back the Oval (...)

Ambassador Nikolaos van Dam : My great personal affection for the Syrian people, together with (...)

21/10 | Harmoon Center for Contemporary Studies hosts today, Dr. Nikolaos Van Dam (1945), Excellency of the Dutch Ambassador, who served in (...)

Should the US Hasten Assad’s Downfall Despite Syria’s Absence of Opposition Leaders (...)

15/10 | I wrote this post on 5 August 2011, but never finished or posted it. I have just found it in my “drafts” and thought it worth publishing (...)

From death in Syria to quarantine in Madrid

28/08 | In Madrid, freedom is forbidden for your protection, and in Syria, the deprivation of freedom is designed to make you die a thousand (...)

The Pointless Cruelty of Trump’s New Syria Sanctions

17/08 | Syria Sanctions are needlessly cruel. Competing with Assad over who can hurt Syrian peasants more is a losing game for Washington. (...)

In northern Syria, COVID-19 worsens an already dramatic humanitarian crisis

30/07 | Despite the looming threat of COVID-19, military escalation has re-started in the form of a proxy war in Idlib, leaving peaceful (...)

Syria and France : The Battle of Maysalun, A hundred years on

24/07 | By Christopher Solomon It was a hundred years ago, on July 24, 1920, that French forces faced the Syrians on the battlefield of (...)

The Political Situation in Northeast Syria – A Perspective by the Assyrian Democratic (...)

16/07 | By Abdulmesih BarAbraham In early May, Al-Monitor reported that the Kurdish National Council (KNC) and the Kurdish Democratic Union (...)

In Assad-controlled Syria, the official narrative is ‘no COVID-19 cases’

16/07 | In order to maintain a facade of control, the Assad regime does whatever it takes to deny the presence of COVID-19 in the territories (...)

Turkey Conducts Its Seventh Series of Airstrikes On Sinjar, Violating International Law Amid (...)

17/06 | In the early morning of June 15, 2020, before 01:00 a.m., Turkey conducted a series of airstrikes on Sinjar Mountain that lasted 40 to (...)
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