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Party within a State or State within a Party- Part II : The battle for the soul of the (...)

11/10 | “There is no single model for nation-building. At the root of any success are good choices, built on a mindset which can be summarised (...)

Arena politics : Populism in the digital era

18/09 | Today, electoral cycles determine the outcome of the developmental path countries take. Whether in democracies or dictatorships, in (...)

Hospitality : The bedrock of spirituality

12/09 | Growing up in Rwandan culture, there is none more important than a guest. For example, one is taught that it is a sacrilege to spill (...)

Rwanda and the dangers of democracy : How Stephen Kinzer got it wrong

28/07 | In a recent article in the Boston Globe, Rwanda and the dangers of democracy, Stephen Kinzer perfectly illustrated how even (...)

Paul Kagame and the legitimacy question

17/07 | Ever since Rwanda was discovered, western explorers raised the legitimacy question. Already then, the cohesion of Rwandans was labeled (...)

The Chairman’s acceptance speech : A call for action to the youth

21/06 | During the historic acceptance speech of RPF Chairman Paul Kagame last Saturday, everyone noticed the long time dedicated to the youth. (...)

Let’s talk about us for a change

16/03 | Political change or change of politics? Political change does come more often in style than in content rarely do we see Statesmen (...)

Developmental intent : Reshaping our sovereign will and the challenges ahead

2/04 | Developmental intent: Reshaping our sovereign will and the challenges ahead For starters, Rwanda’s sovereign horizon, from independence (...)

The market value of Agaciro

24/12 | Recently over lunch, I had an interesting debate with colleagues on what value defines Rwanda, a value that can be exchanged on the (...)

Party within a State or State within a Party- Part I : The RPF and its opponents

15/10 | Che Guevara once said: “The outcome of the struggle in Rwanda depended on the struggle in the Congo, since it involved greater (...)


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COVID-19 : Rwanda records 93 new cases, 46 recoveries

  15/08 | The Ministry of Health has announced 93 people in Kigali were diagnosed with Coronavirus out of 4610 sample tests taken in the last 24 (...)

Argentinian Pablo Morchón Joins APR As Assistant Coach

  15/08 | Reigning champions APR FC have added Pablo Morchón to their staff as an assistant coach, the team announced today. The 47-year old (...)

“If I Had Asked The Customers What They Wanted, They Would Have Said Faster Horses.”​ Henry (...)

  15/08 | I love brand, marketing, cars and everything in between. Therefore, I must say that this polarizing adage by Henry Ford is one in all (...)

Suspected drug dealers arrested in Kigali

  15/08 | The Anti-Narcotics Unit (ANU), Thursday this week carried out an operation intended to curtail drug dealing during which traffickers in (...)

Police Seizes Assorted Smuggled Liquors In Rubavu

  15/08 | Police in Rubavu District has recovered assorted smuggled goods including liquors, from the house of a suspected smuggler in Gisenyi (...)

Tanzanian Gov’t Penalizes Radio Stations Over Professional Misconduct

  15/08 | Tanzania’s communications regulator on Friday penalized two radio stations and warned four others over what it described as professional (...)
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