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EAC MPs Miss Salaries in Cash Crunch, As Burundi and South Sudan Face Expulsion

4/07 | [East African] Employees of the East African Legislative Assembly are yet to get their June salaries, while members of parliament have (...)

Elections Are Just a Ritual of Passing on the Graft Baton

2/07 | [East African] Burundi has just concluded a presidential election. The new man at the helm has vowed to continue in the 'Nyayo' (...)

Burundi’s humanitarian crisis : An inconvenient truth for the ruling party

20/08 | With less than a year to Burundi’s presidential election, aid workers and political analysts say the ruling party is intent on (...)

The trouble with plans to send 116,000 Burundian refugees home

5/03 | Under pressure to go home, Burundian refugees in Tanzania face two bad options: return to face social and economic hardship and (...)
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