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CHAN Group C Permutations : What Rwanda Needs To Reach Quarterfinals

  23/01 | With one match left for each team in Group C at the Africa Nations Championships (CHAN 2021), Rwanda are one positive results away from (...)

Paris Court of Appeal endorses decision to bring Bucyibaruta Laurent to book

  23/01 | Paris Court of Appeal has endorsed the ruling to try Bucyibaruta Laurent, suspected of role in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. - (...)

RRA urges businesses and taxpayers to comply with Trading License and Rental Income Tax (...)

  23/01 | Rwanda Revenue Authority has urged business owners and owners of immovable property to comply with the deadline for declaring and (...)

Kigali city distributes foodstuffs to residents hit hard by Covid-19

  23/01 | Kigali city has started distributing foods to residents who force their meal upon daily work. The donation follows the lockdown imposed (...)

COVID-19 : Over 90 caught in bars drinking in Eastern Province

  23/01 | Police and local authorities in the Eastern Province have arrested at least 91 people, who were found in different bars drinking. - (...)

COVID-19 : Three more deaths, 273 new cases

  23/01 | The Ministry of Health has reported three people who have succumbed to COVID-19 pandemic bringing the death toll to 165. The deceased (...)

Let’s Learn About Islam- The Religion Of Truth

  23/01 | Islam is an Arabic word that denotes submission, surrender, and obedience. As a religion, Islam stands for complete submission and (...)

Let’s Learn About Islam- The Religion Of Truth

  23/01 | Islam is an Arabic word that denotes submission, surrender, and obedience. As a religion, Islam stands for complete submission and (...)

Denial, Panic and Then Hope : An Encounter with COVID-19

  23/01 | It’s nearly one year since the first case of New Coronavirus was detected in Rwanda. As the country continues to battle the COVID-19 (...)

All Tokyo Olympics Athletes To Get Vaccinated

  23/01 | The International Olympic Committee is working with the World Health Organisation to get all athletes vaccinated in a bid to save the (...)

All Tokyo Olympics Athletes To Get Vaccinated

  23/01 | The International Olympic Committee is working with the World Health Organisation to get all athletes vaccinated in a bid to save the (...)

First Black US Defense Secretary Starts Working

  23/01 | Lloyd J. Austin III was swiftly sworn in as secretary of defense Friday, filling a senior national security position in President Joe (...)

DR Congo

Congo (DRC) latest news. [More news on our RD Congo french section ]

Une autre attaque contre les villages de Banyamulenge

8/01 | Des reportages d'un village appelé Kuri Gongwa indiquent que des jeunes de la tribu Wafuliiru Biloze Bishambuke ont envahi le (...)

1,300 Escape in Congo Prison Break After an Attack Claimed by ISIS

20/10 | Local officials blamed an Islamist militant group for the assault on the prison and a nearby military camp in the northeastern part of (...)

Ruée sur la commune de Minembwe biais cognitif vicieux et contagieux ou pogroms d’un autre (...)

19/10 | Les Tutsis Congolais en général et les Banyamulenge en particulier ont subi des tribulations inédites depuis l'indépendance de la RDC (...)


30/09 | Nyuma yumunsi umwe gusa intumwa za LETA ya CONGO ziyobowe na MInistre wa Defense hamwe na Ministre Azarias Ruberwa hamwe nabandi (...)

Congo Was Close to Defeating Ebola. Then One More Case Emerged.

11/04 | The fight to stop a deadly outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo has lasted nearly two years. The lessons learned could (...)

Sudan, S. Sudan, Rwanda, DRC, Congo : Scheme in Uganda partner dogs with war survivors to help (...)

24/08 | Note from Congo Watch Editor: Please stop and watch this short powerful BBC film about Ugandan war survivors being partnered with (...)


5/06 | I wrote this in 1993, perhaps, in a two-bedroom house where I lived for a year on the outskirts of Lawrence, Kansas, a half-block from (...)

The Origins of AIDS

29/10 | This is a draft of the first part of an abandoned two-part book review I wrote a while back about three books about the origins and (...)

The Battle for Oil in Virunga National Park

6/08 | The World Wildlife Fund recently announced a victory in the fight to prevent British oil company Soco from drilling in Congo’s Virunga (...)

Conflict Minerals : A Devastating Analysis from the Pole Institute

6/05 | On conflict minerals, a devastating new analysis from the Pole Institute: Thus, a pattern is emerging in which Kivu's mining sector (...)

The Lake that Probably Won't Kill You (anytime soon)

6/05 | Looks safe from up here [UPDATED 5/6 w/ embedded video--see below] One of the most poignant memories I have of the Asian Tsunami is of (...)

Chad army routs CPJP rebels in CAR border garrison town Birao - European Union pledges 50 (...)

1er/12 | CHAD'S military repelled rebels from a key border town in northern Central African Republic this week, days after the rebel (...)

Coronavirus In Africa Could Reverse 30 Years Of Wildlife Conservation Gains, Harming (...)

  22/01 | For wild animals in Africa on the verge of extinction and the tight knit communities who protect them, COVID-19 is a specter, (...)

TENNIS : 12 Countries To Compete in 2nd Edition of ATP Cup

  22/01 | The 12 countries set to compete in the second edition of the ATP Cup, taking place in Melbourne the week prior to the Australian Open, (...)

Rwanda, DR Congo Look to Further Bolster Economic and Trade Ties

  22/01 | [New Times] DR Congo President Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi met the Minister of Trade and Industry, Soraya Hakuziyaremye, and Rwanda's (...)

CHAN 2020 : Rwanda Ready To Take On Champions Morocco – Coach Mashami

  21/01 | Amavubi head coach Vincent Mashami says his squad is prepared and motivated to deliver ahead of their African Nations Championship (...)

EAC endorses Kenya's Amina Mohamed for WTO director-general

5/10 | The director-general WTO is appointed through consensus, meaning endorsements help a candidate amass broad agreement among member (...)

Rwanda goes for quality tea to get good prices

30/09 | Rwanda is banking on the quality of tea it produces as the one value proposition to help it weather the falling global (...)

Local manufacturers count losses from Covid-19 impact

30/09 | Firms are struggling to stay afloat as sales plunge due to closure of export markets.

Uganda accuses Tanzania of unfair charges on transporters

28/09 | Kigali caught up in a row between Kampala and Dar es Salaam over road user fees charged on truckers.

Party within a State or State within a Party- Part II : The battle for the soul of the (...)

11/10 | “There is no single model for nation-building. At the root of any success are good choices, built on a mindset which can be summarised (...)

Rwanda Engages US Students to Combat Genocide Denial

10/06 | Never Again Rwanda, a human rights and peace building organization has engaged a delegation of US students on the realities of genocide (...)

Belgium tells Burundi to stop dragging neighbours in its conflict

9/06 | Belgian government has asked Pierre Nkurunziza’s government that is running the conflict ravaged Burundi to stop accusing its neighbours (...)

Developmental intent : Reshaping our sovereign will and the challenges ahead

2/04 | Developmental intent: Reshaping our sovereign will and the challenges ahead For starters, Rwanda’s sovereign horizon, from independence (...)


Burundi news [More news on our Burundi’s french section ]

Burundi Réalité

Burundi Réalité (english section)

Will Burundi's Tourism Turn the Tide ?

  22/01 | [East African] Burundi, which describes itself as "The Heart of Africa", is generally bypassed by travellers to the region, (...)

AU's Peace and Security Council Played 'Marginal Role' in 2020 (...)

9/01 | [ISS] The African Union Peace and Security Council's (PSC) response to emerging crises in 2020 was marginal. This is primarily (...)

Burundi Records Highest Cases of Covid-19 After Festive Season

7/01 | [East African] Burundi has announced 40 new Covid-19 cases, the highest number of cases recorded in the country within two days since (...)

Rwanda Rejects Request to Deport Suspected Burundian Coup Plotters

29/12 | [East African] Rwanda has reiterated its unwillingness to deport individuals accused of orchestrating the 2015 coup plot against former (...)

Ex-President Pierre Buyoya's Death Exposes Divisions in Burundi

29/12 | [East African] The announcement of the death of Burundian former Pierre Buyoya by several sources, exposed the divisions between (...)

The trouble with plans to send 116,000 Burundian refugees home

5/03 | Under pressure to go home, Burundian refugees in Tanzania face two bad options: return to face social and economic hardship and (...)

Refugee resettlement hits 10-year low

13/09 | Some 50,000 to 60,000 people fleeing war and persecution will start a new life and be on track for a new passport in 2018, but it will (...)

Where are Burundi’s missing witnesses to crimes against humanity ?

16/11 | In Burundi, it’s not just witnesses to the politically motivated string of murders, torture, and rapes who are going missing, it’s also (...)

A shot across the bows from The Hague as ICC investigates Burundi

10/11 | By authorising a full-scale investigation into alleged crimes against humanity committed by state actors in Burundi, judges of the (...)

Burundi officials should be tried for “crimes against humanity” : UN commission

4/09 | Burundians “at the highest level of the state” and in its security services should face trial at the International Criminal Court for (...)

Hate speech stirs trouble in Burundi

21/08 | Next month, the Commission of Enquiry on Burundi, established by the UN Human Rights Council, is due to deliver its final report on (...)

International action needed over Burundi now

26/07 | Two years ago, President Pierre Nkurunziza ignited a political crisis in Burundi when he announced that he would run for a (...)

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IMG: What is going on in Kivu ? In 1994, the perpetrators of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda fled en masse to Kivu in eastern Congo. For nearly twenty years, remnants of the (...)
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