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"It is a publication borne out of an urgent need to write our world differently, to begin asking new questions, or even the old ones anew.

When will the new emerge – and if it is already here, how do we decipher it ? In which ways do people live their lives with joy and creativity and beauty, sometimes amid suffering and violence, and sometimes perpendicular to it ? How do people fashion routines and make sense of the world in the face of the temporariness or volatility that defines so many of the arrangements of social existence here ?

These questions loom over a contemporary Africa. Yet most knowledge produced on the continent remains heavily reliant on simplistic and rigid categories unable to capture the complexities that inflect so much of contemporary quotidian life here."

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Ibadan, Soutin and the Puzzle of Bower’s Tower

15/09 | The jingle would survive the event, as the poetry of a battle-cry outlives a war, but that eventuality belonged in the future. The post (...)

Where Terror Lies

15/09 | The rhetoric of ‘radical’ and ‘fundamentalist’ Islam, of ‘global jihad’ and ‘terror’ is, ironically, historical and recoverable from the (...)

Nigeria’s Superstar Men Of God

8/09 | Who needs the God of the bible with his promises of trials and tribulations, crosses and paths of repentance? Yemisi Aribisala listens (...)

De l’art de vivre l’art

28/08 | Goddy Leye nous a quittés. C’était le 19 février 2011, peu après minuit. A Karachi, au bord du désert, où jamais il ne pleut en cette saison, (...)


20/08 | Live from 5pm Friday 21 August 2020 The post THE POETRY OF ABBEY LINCOLN first appeared on The Chimurenga (...)

Abbey Lincoln’s Scream : Poetic Improvisation as a Way of Life

18/08 | We are standing under a glaring spotlight screaming at the tops of our lungs, from the backs of our throats which we grind together to (...)

The Meaning of Being Numerous

5/08 | The man who sets up the bomb is long gone before it goes off. The post The Meaning of Being Numerous first appeared on The Chimurenga (...)

FESTAC ’77, a mixtape by Chimurenga

29/07 | In this mix, we decompose, an-arrange and reproduce the sound-world of FESTAC ’77 to address the planetary scale of event, alongside the (...)

Yellow Fever, Nko ?

24/07 | Skin bleaching is often described as a manifestation of ‘colo-mentality’. However, argues Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, mimesis here is both an (...)


2/07 | Exile demands contemplation because it is unavoidably real for those who experience […] The post RIP PAPA GEORGE first appeared on The (...)

Reproducing Festac ’77 : A secret among a family of millions

29/05 | Kwanele Sosibo speaks with Ntone Edjabe about the creation of, and thinking behind, the FESTAC '77 publication. The post (...)


20/02 | Early in 1977, thousands of artists, writers, musicians, activists and scholars from Africa and the black diaspora assembled in Lagos (...)

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