China in Africa (Guardian)

China in Africa - soft power, hard cash

« China has committed billions of dollars in development finance for Africa over the past decade as Beijing seeks to secure its political and economic clout on the continent »

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When China Met Africa - watch the film here

30/04 | Our new film on demand is the revealing documentary about China's commercial involvement in Africa Reading this on mobile? See the (...)

Chinese firm steps up investment in Ethiopia with 'shoe city' | Elissa (...)

30/04 | Shoemaker Huajian says new $2bn manufacturing zone will transfer skills to locals so they can become the future managers Helen Hai, (...)

Ghana plays ball as China splashes cash on gyms and stadiums | Afua Hirsch

29/04 | Chinese arms manufacturer PTI has paid for stadiums and gyms but its interest in the African nation is more than sporting Barely (...)

Domestic critics carp over extent of China's munificence towards Africa

29/04 | Beijing stresses opponents of aid to Africa fail to grasp nuances of co-operation and mutual benefit Is it pure altruism or thinly (...)

Africa's future leaders benefit from Beijing's desire to win hearts and (...)

29/04 | China's African aid programme aims to offer 18,000 government scholarships and train 30,000 Africans by 2015 China has been (...)

Chinese hospital heals sore spot in Zambia

29/04 | Medical staff from both countries mingle at first general hospital in Lusaka, which helps focus attention on positive Chinese ties Joy (...)

China hopes to hit the right note with Algeria opera house

29/04 | New 1,400-seat venue offered as gift by Chinese government hailed as a symbol of friendship between the two countries Along the (...)

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