Dossier d’analyse sur les relations entre la Chine et l’Afrique. Proposez-nous un site ou des articles sur ce thème.
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The Decoding China Dictionary

  5/03 | The Decoding China Dictionary Malin Oud and Katja Drinhausen (ed.) Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, 4 (...)

Diplomatie chinoise : de l’« esprit combattant » au « loup guerrier »

  5/03 | Diplomatie chinoise : de l’« esprit combattant » au « loup guerrier » Marc Julienne et Sophie Hanck Politique étrangère, n°1/2021 Lire à (...)

La concubine russe

  5/03 | Chine, 1928. Chassée de sa Russie natale par les bolcheviques, la belle Valentine s’est réfugiée avec sa fille Lydia à Junchow, au nord de (...)

La coexistence Union européenne et Chine en Afrique [enregistrement + diaporama]

  4/03 | Quels impacts et quelles perspectives de la coexistence Union européenne et Chine en Afrique ? [enregistrement + diaporama] Séraphin (...)

South African Police Seize Fake COVID-19 Vaccines Imported From China

  4/03 | Three Chinese and one Zambian national are now in custody in Johannesburg after South African police raided a warehouse containing (...)

Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines Arrive in Guinea

  4/03 | Guinea on Wednesday received a donation of 200,000 Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine doses from China as it seeks help from multiple sources (...)

With the Two Sessions Now Underway in Beijing, Chinese Diplomats in Africa Extend Their (...)

  4/03 | China’s largest legislative event of the year is now underway in Beijing where 5,000 delegates from the Chinese People’s Political (...)

3 Tips for African Negotiators Doing Deals with China

  4/03 | Two of the world’s leading experts in China-Africa negotiations, Hervé Lado, Guinea country manager at the Natural Resource Governance (...)

From Ideology to Economics : The Evolution of China-Zambia Ties

  4/03 | China’s relations with Zambia date back to the Mao era in the 1960s and in many ways serve as the foundation of Beijing’s broader (...)

Chinese Ambassador to Liberia Attacks U.S. Over Media “Lies” and “Fake News”

3/03 | China’s ambassador to Liberia Ren Yisheng used his keynote speech at the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) Annual Excellence Awards Ceremony (...)

Rich Countries Give IMF the Green Light to Boost Funding Through New Special Drawing (...)

3/03 | The IMF moved one step closer on Tuesday to providing developing countries with a badly-needed cash infusion after the fund was granted (...)

Why the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights May Not Actually Be That Special

3/03 | While a number of African finance ministers will no doubt be thrilled to hear the news that the IMF is finally making progress with the (...)

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IMG: Vidéo : Quand la Chine rencontre l'Afrique Un documentaire sur l’engagement commercial de la Chine en Afrique de Marc et Nick Francis. Retour sur le parcours de trois hommes d’affaire chinois à la (...)
IMG: La Chine, une puissance africaine Alors que vient de se terminer le second Forum du peuple Chine-Afrique (10 au 11 juillet 2012 à Suzhou), il nous parait intéressant de revenir, avec François (...)
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