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Business Maverick : After $9 Billion Credit Hit, Banks Seek Trade Finance Overhaul

  9/07 | When Credit Agricole SA and HSBC Holdings Plc issued a payment guarantee for a $76.5 million fuel purchase from a Singapore trader in (...)

Business Maverick : How EU Finance Chiefs Squandered Their Influence With Bickering

  9/07 | Jeroen Dijsselbloem had been running the euro-area finance meetings for less than three months in 2013 when he stepped, bleary-eyed (...)

OPINIONISTA : State marriage officers can no longer refuse to marry same-sex (...)

  9/07 | Last week, Parliament repealed section 6 of the Civil Union Act which previously allowed state marriage officers to refuse to marry (...)

BOOK REVIEW : Scholarly detail from an insider : Prof Eddy Maloka’s study of South Africa’s (...)

  9/07 | The value of this book lies in the insights it sheds about the actors, setting and processes involved in foreign policy. This is what (...)

SCORPIO : Ex-VBS treasurer bought Porsche with some of the loot – after two crashes in (...)

  9/07 | Almost a year later, the police are still investigating a case of culpable homicide and reckless and negligent driving after a young (...)

OPINIONISTA : A second lockdown would break South Africans

  9/07 | What must South Africans who diligently locked themselves down think of the state of play right now? It certainly does not inspire much (...)

OPINIONISTA : The Eastern Cape is in a Covid-19 crisis – time to mobilise our unemployed (...)

  9/07 | There are thousands of unemployed graduates and young people with matric certificates in the Eastern Cape. Why not turn the challenge (...)

OPINIONISTA : Covid-19 gives us a unique gap to combat the climate crisis

  9/07 | The Covid-19 crisis is a (hopefully) once-in-a-century shock to the global economy that can make a critical impact on the climate (...)

OPINIONISTA : Sexual harassment and discrimination in the legal profession : Taking the bullies (...)

  9/07 | The International Bar Association reports that almost half of South African female legal professionals say they have been sexually (...)

OP-ED : As statues fall globally, the University of the Free State chose a different (...)

  9/07 | The Anton van Wouw statue of Martinus Theunis ‘MT’ Steyn, president of the independent republic of the Orange Free State from 1896 to (...)

OUR BURNING PLANET : Aardvark starvation : Extreme drought killing off food (...)

  9/07 | New research confirms that extreme droughts amid the deepening climate crisis are forcing nocturnal aardvarks in the Kalahari to feed (...)

OP-ED : Secrecy Bill is still fundamentally flawed and needs to be reconsidered

  9/07 | The Secrecy Bill needs to be completely reconsidered by Parliament. Various versions of the bill have been amended in a piecemeal (...)

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Colin Rani, Trade Unionist Turned Labour Mediator and Arbitrator, Claimed By (...)

  9/07 | [Daily Maverick] Colin Rani was a friend with a passion for social justice, solving labour disputes -- and (...)

Decontamination of SAPS Free State Provincial Head Office

  9/07 | [SAPS] Please be informed that SAPS Free State Provincial Head Office, Metpol Building, 126 Charlotte Maxeke Street Bloemfontein (...)

The COVID-19 Surge Is Here - and South Africa Does Not Have Enough Hospital (...)

  9/07 | [Daily Maverick] Prevention, prevention, prevention. That's what Health Minister Zweli Mkhize chose to emphasise in the House on (...)

The Eastern Cape Is in a COVID-19 Crisis - Time to Mobilise Our Unemployed (...)

  9/07 | [Daily Maverick] There are thousands of unemployed graduates and young people with matric certificates in the Eastern Cape. Why not (...)

Hope for Caster Semenya - UN Body Adopts Report On Discrimination in Sports

  9/07 | [Daily Maverick] It was good news last week for 2016 Olympic gold medallist Caster Semenya and other female athletes fighting (...)

Employment and Labour On Most Compensation Fund Claims for Contracting COVID-19 At Work Are (...)

  9/07 | [Govt of SA] Women are the most affected with contracting COVID-19 at work, Compensation Fund claims reveal
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