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Mucheru enumerates available youth jobs

  11/08 | Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of ICT, Innovation, and Youth Affairs Joe Mucheru has committed to ensuring youth access employment (...)

LDUs complete refresher training, restricted to night operations

  11/08 | Freshly retrained Local Defense Unit (LDUs) personnel have been barred from any daytime security operations by the Uganda People’s (...)

Revenue debate to continue as Senate adjourns to Thursday

  11/08 | Speaker Kenneth Lusaka has ordered that the Senate reconvenes on Thursday to look at the two amendments pending and to make a voting on (...)

Equity completes acquisition of stake in Congolese bank for Ksh 10.3b

  11/08 | Equity Group has Tuesday announced the completion of its acquisition of 66.53% stake in the Banque Commerciale Du Congo (BCDC) at a (...)

Decisive Campaign for Safety Reopening

  11/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] For the last five months, Ethiopia has been on partial lockdown aimed at stemming COVID-19. Appreciably, the country (...)

Ethiopia : Decisive Campaign for Safety Reopening

  11/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] For the last five months, Ethiopia has been on partial lockdown aimed at stemming COVID-19. Appreciably, the country (...)

Over 32,000 People Yet Vulnerable to Flood in Afar State

  11/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA - Afar State Disaster Prevention and Food Security Program Coordination Office announced that additional (...)

Project Commences Wheat Cultivation

  11/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] ADISS ABABA - A total of 1,951 hectares of land has been cultivated wheat for the first time through the Shebele (...)

OPP Renews Commitment to Reform's Goals

  11/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] Oromia Prosperity Party (OPP) expressed commitment to discharge responsibility to fulfil the reform goals in (...)

'Ethiopia-US Relations Won't Be Marred By Unfounded Rumors,' Mofa

  11/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia -US ties will not be marred by currently unfounded rumors that are being circulated on various news outlets (...)

Ethiopia : 'Ethiopia-US Relations Won't Be Marred By Unfounded Rumors,' (...)

  11/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia -US ties will not be marred by currently unfounded rumors that are being circulated on various news outlets (...)

Public Health Consequences of Violence and Inter-Generational Trauma

  11/08 | [Addis Standard] Trauma is pervasive in many societies and it has intergenerational health implications. Trauma is not a phenomenon (...)

Uganda Media Center

Uganda Media Center

How the Lockdown Impacted Cancer Treatment and Prevention

  11/08 | [Monitor] The Covid-19 lockdown has significantly impacted on the prevention and treatment for non-communicable diseases according to (...)

US considers blocking citizens with Covid-19 from reentering the country

  11/08 | The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump is considering a measure to block U.S. citizens and permanent residents from (...)



You cannot force me to support Bobi Wine – Eddy Kenzo

  10/08 | By Hussein Kiganda If you need to get enough insults on social media, try insulting Bobi Wine, you will be forced to support him after (...)

Congolese refugee succumbs to COVID-19 in Kyangwali

  10/08 | A Congolese refugee has succumbed to Covid-19 in Kyangwali refugee settlement in Kikuube district triggering tension among the (...)

Equity Bank, Simbamanyo in Shs29 Billion Property Row

  10/08 | [Monitor] Equity Bank is locked in a property battle with Simbamanyo Estates, with the bank accusing the real estate company of failure (...)

FDC Reunites in Acholi Ahead of 2021 Elections

  10/08 | [Monitor] Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), party structures in Acholi Sub region have buried their internal differences ahead of 2021 (...)

Museveni Asks Cec to Let Kigongo Contest Unopposed

  10/08 | [Monitor] President Museveni is trying to convince the members of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Central Executive Committee (...)

Briefing : Uganda Ebola response tested as three cases discovered

12/06 | Uganda has sent rapid response teams to the western town of Bwera to help contain the spread of Ebola from the Democratic Republic of (...)

As Ebola cases rise, so do worries of a cross-border epidemic

23/05 | The second-largest Ebola outbreak ever continues to spread, and health officials now say it’s likely to reach the populous city of Goma. (...)

Tough choices for Uganda landslide survivors

6/11 | Cracks on the dormant volcano of Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda continue to widen in the wake of last month’s landslides, sparking fears (...)

Uganda People News : Workers MP demands for a representative on the retirement benefits (...)

28/09 | Workers Representatives in Parliament are demanding for a representative on the board of the retirement's benefits authority. (...)

Why we oppose population-based revenue formula- Wajir North MP

6/08 | Leaders from ASAL regions have protested the implementation of third basis revenue formula terming it unfair as Senate seeks to unlock (...)

Next big Covid-19 treatment may be manufactured antibodies

4/08 | Development of monoclonal antibodies to target the virus has been endorsed by leading scientists.

Deal firmly with the cyclic ethnic clashes

27/05 | Cattle rustling, which precipitated the scuffle, must be dealt with quickly and ruthlessly.

The case for reopening our economy

27/05 | The economy must be restarted and people given their lives back.

Making commercial laws in Kenya adaptable to deal with pandemic

27/05 | Organisations and businesses are considered data controllers and processors.

Left homeless, penniless and heavily pregnant

27/05 | Kariobangi demolitions leave thousands homeless amid Covid-19

Court declines to continue holding Tecra Muigai's lover

27/05 | Court will fix bond terms on Wednesday at 2.30pm.

Africa's confirmed Covid-19 cases surpass 115,000 : Africa CDC

27/05 | The pandemic has spread across all 54 African countries.

Hope for young talent as Mombasa County Stadium slowly takes shape after long (...)

27/05 | Contractor promises to deliver new facility mid next year after eight years of waiting.

Collapsing Akothee reveals what ails her

3/12 | These last few days have seen Akothee’s fans thrown into panic mode, after the singer collapsed on stage on different occasions in a (...)

Wasp-like waist lands Huddah Monroe in trouble [PHOTO]

2/12 | Socialite Huddah Monroe has found herself in hot soup for going overboard while trying to look better than she actually is in real (...)

Surprising laughters as Oscar Sudi and Uhuru come face to face..

21/06 | If you've been around, then you are aware of the growing tension in the political arena which has pitted President Uhuru Kenyatta (...)

Arusha Times

Arusha Times Weekly newspaper includes regional coverage, features, sports, and weather.


Express Online Quality weekly providing news and analysis on Tanzanian and regional affairs.

How do I teach my children to spend wisely ?

  11/08 | Parents play an important role in shaping their children’s financial behaviour and attitude towards money. Many teenagers rely on their (...)

Challenging Times for Tanzanian Broadcasters

  11/08 | [Citizen] Dar es Salaam -- Local broadcasting stations that air international content will see the going tough as the communications (...)

Lissu rules out revenge

  11/08 | Chadema’s Union presidential candidate Tundu Lissu yesterday said he will not seek revenge against those behind the attempt to (...)

Child Killer to Hang for Murder

  11/08 | [Daily News] HIGH Court Judge Lucia Kairo has convicted Melchades Burchard (32) a resident of Kiruruma village in Karagwe District, (...)

Ronaldinho release date set

  11/08 | Brazil great Ronaldinho could be freed on August 24 following five months detention in Paraguay over a forged passport, judicial (...)

Dr Shein - Expect Good Life After Hospital Construction

  11/08 | [Daily News] ZANZIBAR residents and visitors should expect to see more improved health services including a modern Hospital built in (...)

Lebanon government stands down over blast fallout

  11/08 | Lebanon's Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced his government's resignation Monday under a barrage of pressure over the (...)

Man shot outside White House, Trump evacuated from press conference

  11/08 | US Secret Service agents shot and wounded a man who was apparently armed outside the White House on Monday, President Donald Trump (...)

Dse Turnover Hits Sh7.3bn As Block Trading Resumes

  10/08 | [Citizen] Dar es Salaam -- Equity markets performance increased to a turnover of Sh7.3 billion last week after more block trading was (...)

Take to Task Intolerant Politicians, NEC Told

  10/08 | [Daily News] THE government has urged the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to block intolerant politicians including those from the (...)

Education ‘still a thorny issue’ as polls draw closer

  10/08 | A manifesto is defined as a published declaration of the intentions, motives or views of the issuer - be it an individual, group, (...)

Uganda opens borders for citizens stuck in East African Community

  10/08 | The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has revealed that they have opened borders for Ugandans stuck in the East African Community (EAC) (...)

Ethio Guardian

Ethio Guardian Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti, Sudan, Horn of Africa, Politics, News, Free Ethiopia !!

Brown Condor

Brown Condor « Essence of DOPE »

Technological Supports to Private Higher Education Institutions for a Modern Information (...)

  11/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the education sector is one of the victims of it. Following this, the Ethiopian (...)

Communal Approach to Combating Covid-19

  11/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] COVID-19 pandemic has affected the socio-cultural dimension of the community of the entire world. The religious and (...)

Implications of Ethiopia's Budget Growth

  11/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia's budget has grown significantly over the past few years. Even in the last three years alone, there has (...)

Gedaref Governor Emphasizes Sudan and Ethiopia Deep Relations

  11/08 | [SNA] Al-Gedare -- the acting governor of Al- Gedaref state, Dr. Suleiman Ali Mohammed Musa, has stressed his government's keenness (...)

Kenya Protests Ethiopia's Detention of Journalist Yassin Juma

  11/08 | [Nation] Nairobi on Monday protested Ethiopia's continued detention of Yassin Juma, a Kenyan journalist freed by the courts in (...)

Security Forces Injure At Least Eighteen People in Wolaita Zone After Arrest of Officials (...)

  10/08 | [Addis Standard] Pictures circulating on social media show protesters burning tyres and blocking roads. Disclaimer Addis Standard (...)

Prime Minister Wins Sports Award

  10/08 | [Nation] The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was awarded with the highest African sport recognition by Association of National (...)

ANOCA Awards Ethiopian PM With Highest African Sport Award

  10/08 | [Capital FM] Nairobi -- Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been awarded with the highest African sport recognition, the "ANOCA (...)

A Product of Ethiopian Taste and a Foreign Skill - Melange Coffee

7/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] Melange Coffee Roasters Factory Owner, Solomon Kassa had recently a stay with The Ethiopian Herald. Solomon had been (...)

Could teff, an ancient African grain, find a foothold in a warming California (...)

4/09 | By JUSTICE BAIDOOSEP. 3, 2019 6 AM Diners press toward the banquet table at downtown Sacramento’s Queen Sheba Ethiopian restaurant, (...)

Ethiopia looks to home-grown measures for economic revival

30/08 | 29.08.2019 by APA News The Ministry of Finance has introduced new home-grown economic reform aimed at addressing economic imbalance, (...)

Ethiopia to hold autonomy referendum for ethnic Sidama in Nov – Fana

30/08 | ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopia on Thursday granted its ethnic Sidama community a referendum in November on self-determination, with a (...)


Latest breaking news and information about Sudan.

Sudanese Media Center

Sudanese Media Center (smc) Independent national news agency. Sudanese Media Center (smc) is an independant press center.

EIN News (Sudan)

Sudan News Constantly updated news and information about Sudan.

'We had to eat our seeds for planting' : 10 million in Sudan facing food (...)

28/07 | UN warns coronavirus restrictions prevent access to most vulnerable and rising prices are leaving many going hungry Almost a quarter of (...)

Pressure mounts on Priti Patel over case of 11-year-old at risk of FGM

10/07 | Open letter by former judges, leading politicians and campaigners urges home secretary to grant asylum to Sudanese girl Barristers, (...)

Darfur protesters call for action to end attacks on civilians by armed militias

8/07 | The peaceful sit-in taking place in Nertiti county is demanding an end to the violence and punishment for the perpetrators Thousands of (...)

Global report : New Beijing cases spark second wave fear as India and Brazil struggle with (...)

13/06 | São Paulo to dig up cemeteries to clear spaces for coronavirus deaths; new rise of infections in Darfur, Sudan; New Zealand goes 22 days (...)

The Gambia demands US investigation into police killing of citizen in Atlanta

3/06 | Shooting of Lamin Sisay, son of former UN diplomat, last week prompts outrage as family and friends reject police version of events The (...)

Halt plan to withdraw Sudan peacekeepers, UN urged

28/05 | Civil groups fear replacing 26,000 troops with a ‘political mission’ will threaten fragile security situation in Darfur Activists in (...)

Children of Darfur : revisiting those orphaned by the conflict

20/05 | Photojournalist Paddy Dowling travelled to Sudan to find out what happened to those growing up in the midst of genocideGrowing up in (...)

Carol Sarsfield-Hall obituary

12/05 | My friend Carol Sarsfield-Hall, who has died aged 94, spent her childhood in Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, where her father was governor of (...)

Briefing : Sudan comes in from the cold as it transitions to civilian rule

29/08 | Sometime in the next few days, Sudan’s new cabinet will meet for the first time. That will mark the start of a three-year transition (...)

EXCLUSIVE : UN probe finds Sudan staff member solicited bribes from refugees

15/08 | An internal UN refugee agency investigation into allegations of corruption in its Sudan resettlement operations has determined that a (...)

Rethink urged over withdrawal of peacekeepers from Sudan

1er/07 | The UN Security Council has paused the drawdown of peacekeepers from Sudan's troubled western province of Darfur, but local aid (...)

Sudan briefing : Civilians face increasing fragility under military rule

14/06 | Life is tentatively returning to Khartoum’s streets after pro-democracy campaigners abandoned a general strike this week, but Sudanese (...)
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