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Cement - Construction Industry's Catch-22

  21/01 | [Addis Fortune] Even after a change in government policy, builders and developers are having trouble receiving a sufficient supply of (...)

Ethnic Conflict Could Unravel Ethiopia's Valuable Garment Industry

  21/01 | [The Conversation Africa] Ethiopia has long been considered one of Africa's economic wunderkinds. Until recently, it had relative (...)

Timket “Epipahny” Celebrated Across Ethiopia

19/01 | Addis Ababa, January 19, 2021 – Christian faithful across Ethiopia today celebrated Timket (Epiphany), a festivity to commemorate Jesus (...)

PM Abiy extends best wishes for Timket Festival

18/01 | Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has today extended best wishes to Ethiopian Christians upon the celebration of the Timket festival, baptism (...)

Open Letter to Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam

4/09 | by Asfaw Regasa I am one of those Ethiopians who read your articles over the years and appreciated your taking the time to write every (...)

South Africa Xenophobia : Zambian protest, Nigerians online fume, Ethiopia (...)

4/09 | Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban AN Offshoots of the latest xenophobic incidents in South Africa’s city of Johannesburg has sparked off citizen (...)
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