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Abera, the Crown Jewel of Ethiopian Football

  6/08 | [CAF] Ethiopian Loza Abera had an unforgettable debut season in Malta last year, scoring 30 goals in 14 league matches and a further (...)

Talks On GERD Adjourned Following Sudan, Egypt Request

  6/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA - Talks on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) was adjourned following Sudanese and Egyptians (...)

Environmental Conservation Responsibility of All Riparian Countries

  6/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] Downstream countries of the Nile Basin, particularly Egypt, should and could play a constructive role by supporting (...)

Over 90 Million Birr Required to Repair Pawe Potable Water Dam

  6/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA - Pawe Woreda Administration of the Benishangul-Gumuz State disclosed that over 90 million Birr is (...)

Towards Integrating Traditional, Modern Health Care System

  6/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] When I was only 12, my mother took me one day to Churkos Church here in Addis Ababa; because I was sick of hepatitis (...)

Ethiopia Should Never Allow Colonial-Era, Hegemonic Mentality - Scholars

  6/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia should never allow colonial-era agreements and hegemonic mentality to govern and decide on matters of its (...)

Research to Facilitate Leather Industries Development, Help Reduce Pollution

  6/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA - A recent research sponsored by Leather Industry Development Institute (LIDI) and Ethiopia Leather (...)

Garden to Launch Pilot Project to Substitute Ornamental Plants Imports

  6/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA - Gullele Botanic Garden (GBG) said it is finalizing preparation to launch a new pilot project to (...)

Prime Minister Abiy Expresses Condolence Over Deadly Explosion in Beirut

  6/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA - Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has express condolence and sorrow over the deadly explosion in Lebanon (...)

Back to the Future

  6/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] The drastic alteration of our life style witnessed following the newly introduced political ideology in the (...)

EHRC to Set Up Monitoring Mechanism to Ensure Fair Trial

  6/08 | [Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) Commissioner, Dr. Daniel Bekele said the Commission is setting up a (...)

Ethiopian Court Orders Release of Kenya Journalist Yassin Juma

  6/08 | [Nation] Addis Ababa -- An Ethiopian court on Wednesday ordered the release of Kenyan journalist Yassin Juma, as he made his fourth (...)

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