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Belarus sprinter Krystina Timanovskaya flies out of Japan

  4/08 | Krystina Timanovskaya had refused orders to fly home early to Belarus and is now en route to Vienna.

Tokyo Olympics sparks anti-LGBT slurs on Russian TV

  4/08 | Gay and transgender athletes in Tokyo have been singled out for abuse on Russian state television.

Study finds long-term Covid symptoms rare in school-age children

  4/08 | Analysis of symptomatic children finds fewer than one in 20 experienced symptoms beyond four weeks Fewer than one in 20 Covid-positive (...)

Anger in Turkey grows over government’s handling of wildfires

  4/08 | Response of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s ruling party seen by many as out of touch as blazes rage for seventh day People across Turkey are (...)

Austria postpones deportation of Afghan man after European Court of Human Rights (...)

  3/08 | The ECHR considers that an expulsion under the current conditions could constitute a violation by Vienna of the European Convention on (...)

Guadeloupe is latest French island to lock down amid 'catastrophic' COVID (...)

  3/08 | "We are in a catastrophic situation, we have exceeded 3,000 cases per week," Guadeloupe health chief Valérie Denux told (...)

Book Review : 'Why We Fight'

1er/08 | shane.jpg A review of an anthology of essays about contemporary fascism in USA. By offering his essays, he does provide an (...)

We are proud of those who fought back against the police

31/07 | police-line-protesterrs-1.jpg A statement by Bristol Anarchist Black Cross and Bristol Defendant Solidarity regarding the sentencing of (...)

UK Indymedia : 1999 - 2016

28/04 | Open publishing was disabled on this site in mid-July 2016 as there was a very low volume of original grass roots news reports from (...)

Build gardens not prisons

8/09 | The campaign against a new mega-prison being built near Wrexham got a boost recently when the Reclaim the Fields network held an action (...)

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IMG: BBC « Rwanda's Untold Story » : letter to Tony Hall "Rwanda’s Untold Story tarnishes the BBC’s well-deserved reputation for objective and balanced journalism. We urge the BBC to apologise for the offence this (...)
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