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AfricaFiles (Ecology)

AfricaFiles - Ecology AfricaFiles is a network of volunteers committed to promoting African perspectives and alternative analyses for human rights and economic justice in (...)

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Fauna & Flora - Africa Latest news from Fauna & Flora Africa

Southern Africa Resource Watch

Southern Africa Resource Watch SARW’s mission is to ensure that natural resources extraction contributes to sustainable development, a development that meets the needs of the present without (...)

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South Africa : Coronavirus Reveals 'Green Apartheid' in S.African Cities

  9/08 | [Thomson Reuters Foundation] Poorer city residents - most of whom are Black - live in areas with fewer parks or green spaces, a new (...)

Kenya : Weather Alerts At Risk As Radio Stations Struggle Amid Virus Downturn

  9/08 | [Thomson Reuters Foundation] As advertising disappears amid the coronavirus downturn, radio stations helping farmers adapt to climate (...)

Africa : Lions Are Less Likely to Attack Cattle With Eyes Painted On Their (...)

  9/08 | [The Conversation Africa] The predation of livestock by carnivores, and the retaliatory killing of carnivores as a result, is a major (...)

Central Africa : Central African States Seek to Make Forests Work for People and (...)

  9/08 | [Thomson Reuters Foundation] Barcelona, Spain -- "Unless we can make timber into a precious resource, we're not going to be (...)

Tanzania : Five Poachers 'Share' 60-180 Year Jail Term

  8/08 | [Daily News] MANYONI District Court has sentenced five poachers to jail terms ranging between 60 and 180 years for their role in (...)

Few figs for frugivores : Riparian fig trees in Zimbabwe may not be a dry season keystone (...)

  8/08 | Abstract Most plants flower and fruit at times of year when probabilities of pollination and seedling establishment are high. Fig trees (...)
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