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To solve cold cases, all it takes is crime scene DNA, a genealogy (...)

19 long-pending murder and rape cases have been solved over the past year in the U.S. using a DNA database created by two genealogy (...)

Netanyahu and IDF vs. Israeli ministers : How Gaza war was (...)

Army chief presented cabinet with grim scenarios: A war in which Israel conquers the Strip, or weeks of violence after which the sides (...)

Putin's interests in Syria and Lebanon are limiting (...)

Playing chess with Hezbollah is one thing. Trying to figure out what Putin wants, in Syria and perhaps also in Lebanon, even as (...)

TechNation : Israeli researcher gets grant from WhatsApp to study (...)

Habana raises $75 million for AI-designed chips ■ Hippo pulls in $70 million for online insurance ■ Israeli researcher gets grant from (...)

Israeli cabinet to vote on central bank chief

Amir Yaron is expected to be approved to the post

Beachfronts for the 1% ? A slew of planned marinas threaten to (...)

A plan envisages nine new marinas as well as the expansion of the existing ones. ‘There’s no reason in the world to build new marinas for (...)