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As Congo Ebola cases rise, a vaccine trial in Uganda is keenly watched

12/08 | Uganda has launched its largest trial of a new experimental Ebola vaccine, as rising cases of the deadly virus in neighbouring (...)

Mental health - the lasting scars of crisis

12/07 | Mental scars from conflict and crises may linger for years, holding back the recovery of individuals and whole communities. (...)

WFP accused of negligence over Uganda food aid deaths

19/06 | A drought-stricken region of Uganda is still searching for answers several months after four people died and hundreds were sickened in (...)

Briefing : Uganda Ebola response tested as three cases discovered

12/06 | Uganda has sent rapid response teams to the western town of Bwera to help contain the spread of Ebola from the Democratic Republic of (...)

Drought in Africa leaves 45 million in need across 14 countries

10/06 | Failed rains across eastern Africa, southern Africa, and the Horn of Africa are seeing another dire season for farmers, increasing food (...)

As Ebola cases rise, so do worries of a cross-border epidemic

23/05 | The second-largest Ebola outbreak ever continues to spread, and health officials now say it’s likely to reach the populous city of Goma. (...)

Our 10 most popular stories of 2018

31/12 | Investigations, exclusives, and special reports dominate our most-read stories this year, but there’s room for some timely analysis and (...)

Audit finds UN refugee agency critically mismanaged donor funds in Uganda

28/11 | The UN’s refugee agency wasted tens of millions of dollars in Uganda in 2017, overpaying for goods and services, awarding major (...)

Tough choices for Uganda landslide survivors

6/11 | Cracks on the dormant volcano of Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda continue to widen in the wake of last month’s landslides, sparking fears (...)

‘Washed away within minutes’ : Uganda’s landslide survivors tell their stories

6/11 | On 11 October, torrential rains caused the Tsume River in eastern Uganda’s Bududa district to burst its banks, sending vast volumes of (...)


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Army to grant former police boss Kayihura permission to bury mother

  7/08 | The army will grant permission to former police boss Gen Kale Kayihura, who is currently restricted from moving outside Kampala and (...)

Museveni summons NRM CEC members

  7/08 | President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has called a meeting of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) central executive committee (CEC) (...)

Mak registrar solicited money from parents at 2017 graduation - witness

  7/08 | The former Makerere University deputy academic registrar in charge of certificates, ceremonies, and publications, Margret Etuusa was (...)

Africa approaches one million coronavirus cases

  7/08 | The African continent is fast approaching 1 million confirmed cases of coronavirus, with South Africa alone accounting for more than (...)

Soroti MP Ariko quits FDC over 'irreconcilable differences'

  7/08 | Soroti Municipality MP, Herbert Edmund Ariko has officially quit the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party. In his press (...)

Man who contracted HIV after using Life Guard condoms sues gov't

  7/08 | A man who allegedly contracted HIV/Aids and gonorrhoea after using defective Life Guard condoms has sued Maristopes Uganda, National (...)
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