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'Bring vodka :' Shas MK blasted for racist comments towards Yesh Atid (...)

  3/08 | "What national pride have you brought? An interior minister convicted of accepting bribes and sitting in jail?" MK Vladimir (...)

Bennett : Iran’s days of setting Middle East on fire are over

  3/08 | The prime minister spoke of Israel's efforts to bring the international community to its side but added that “at the same time, we (...)

Israel to reinstate masks outdoors, restrict events to vaccinated only amid delta variant (...)

  3/08 | Proof of immunity to be required for entry to events with fewer than 100 people, masks to be mandatory at outdoor events with more than (...)

A fifth of Israelis think COVID is a government, pharma conspiracy, poll says

  3/08 | A new survey shows that Israelis are convinced another lockdown is imminent and are more afraid of that than anything else. Many are (...)
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