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Heat wave scorches Israel – but the real sizzle is yet to come

  5/08 | Temperatures are expected to reach 114 F on Friday, Israel's Meteorological Service says, promising a relief on (...)

Angry outbursts and erotic insinuation : What Freud was really like

  5/08 | The father of psychoanalysis insisted that his students maintain neutrality vis-a-vis their own patients, but he himself tended to be (...)

'Extreme violence,' attacks on Jewish students : U.K. antisemitism hit record high in (...)

  5/08 | According to the Community Security Trust, 1,308 antisemitic incidents have been recorded since January, a 49 percent increase over the (...)

Israel's solution for COVID quarantine violators ? A kosher tracking system

  5/08 | Disdain for COVID isolation orders by returning passengers to Israel is set to be countered by the 'Heskamon' software, a (...)

Blaze rages near ancient Olympics as Greece battles wildfires for third day

  5/08 | More than a dozen villages have been evacuated on the island of Evia near Athens since Tuesday, while soaring temperatures and strong (...)

'Hit & Run' co-creator hopes it becomes as big a hit as his other show – (...)

  5/08 | After the international success of Fauda, Avi Issacharoff talks about 'Hit & Run,' his new venture with partner Lior Raz, (...)

In swearing-in ceremony, hardliner Raisi says Iran opposes nuclear weapons, demands end to (...)

  5/08 | Iranian regime prohibits nuclear weapons, Raisi says. Iran will stand against oppression everywhere, from Europe to Palestine, he (...)

'Vaccines work, no doubt about it' : Israel’s top COVID expert answers your (...)

  5/08 | In a Q&A with Haaretz readers, Prof. Ran Balicer explains what Israel needs to do better to stop the next variant from running (...)

What if you knew when you were going to die ?

  5/08 | A visit to the world’s largest human genome library, maintained by deCODE, a groundbreaking Icelandic corporation that is able to (...)

Lebanon says Israel's overnight air strikes show 'escalation of aggression'

  5/08 | Michel Aoun says the air strikes are a direct threat to the security and stability of southern Lebanon and violate UN Security Council (...)

Israel's NSO double game

  5/08 | Jerusalem is making a show of investigating and reprimanding NSO now, but for years the state acted as matchmaker between the spyware (...)

Gantz says Israel is prepared to strike Iran, 'hope we won't get dragged into (...)

  5/08 | With tensions running high in the aftermath of the tanker attack off Oman, the defense minister says strikes in Lebanon were (...)
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