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New Labor leader Merav Michaeli removing Labor from government

  25/01 | Shmuli has been negotiating to join Blue and White and could remain a minister in that capacity.

Bnei Brak bus driver : 'I don’t know how I’m alive'

  25/01 | "For 15 minutes the police either could not or did not want to send a car, all the while one of the people rioting got onto the (...)

Malka Leifer extradited to Australia after six years of legal battles

  25/01 | Leifer is wanted on 74 counts of sexual abuse and rape of minors.

Tel Aviv launches incubator for emerging playwrights

  25/01 | All the writers sponsored by the project will receive payment for their playwrighting and dramaturgical work.

On this day : Israel holds first ever elections for Knesset in 1949

  25/01 | Israel's first election for Knesset was scheduled to take place in October of 1948 but postponed due to Israel's bloody and (...)

Anarchy in Bnei Brak as ultra-Orthodox vandals run riot

  25/01 | Ultra-Orthodox politicians condemn police response.

Effects of new coronavirus variants on children and expecting mothers still unclear, doctors (...)

  25/01 | Doctors believe the rise in cases among children and pregnant women may be linked to new mutations, but lack of data means the picture (...)

How an ongoing state of emergency will benefit Netanyahu

  25/01 | There are enough fanatics in Israel looking for an excuse to impose eternal limitations because of the pandemic panic, something (...)

HBO’s next Israeli show : ‘Possessions,’ about French woman in murder case

  25/01 | “Possessions,” filmed in French, Hebrew and English, involves a young French ex-pat woman living in Israel who is accused of murdering (...)

Head officer of lockdown enforcement suspected of breaking lockdown

  25/01 | According to lockdown restrictions, Israelis are restricted to an 1,000 meter radius from their homes.

How COVID rates among ultra-Orthodox affect hospitals' treatment of secular (...)


Over 4,000 reasons why transcripts from Israeli COVID cabinet meetings should be (...)

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