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Israel Elections : Israel needs leadership with empathy - analysis

  1er/03 | Winston Churchill was blessed with this trait in abundance.

Coronavirus : Restaurants, event halls, grades 7-10 to open Sunday

  1er/03 | Coronavirus commissioner warns that Purim infractions might lead to Passover lockdown.

Coronavirus : High Court limits Shin Bet surveillance of citizens

  1er/03 | After March 14, Shin Bet can use surveillance only for citizens who don't cooperate or recall whereabouts to assist in (...)

IDF to ask court to respect reprimand of commander of suicidal soldier

  1er/03 | Appeal comes after district court blocked disciplining the commander

First-ever UAE ambassador to Israel presents credentials

  1er/03 | Ashkenazi: We have a historic opportunity to present a model of warm, comprehensive peace.

Anti-Netanyahu protest leader Amir Haskel attacked

  1er/03 | "This is what Netanyahu's culture of incitement and division looks like."

Can't blame court : Knesset failed to settle conversion for 15 years

  1er/03 | he court’s decision on Monday basically balances out the existing situation, recognizing conversions performed in Israel as (...)

Iranian, Israeli judo bromance to be subject of US miniseries

  1er/03 | MGM and Tadmor describe this as a story of bravery and friendship against all odds, infused by the spirit of (...)

Netanyahu trial initial witness list set finalized

  1er/03 | Prosecution filed final documents with the court

Nurit Zarchi wins Israel Prize in Literature and Poetry

  1er/03 | Zarchi has written more than 100 books in a variety of fields, including poetry, fiction novels and children literature, as well as (...)

INSS : Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg to replace Amos Yadlin as director

  1er/03 | Trajtenberg is set to assume the position in May.

Court rules : Recognize Reform, Conservative conversions done in Israel for (...)

  1er/03 | Until now, Reform and Conservative conversions performed in Israel were not recognized for the purposes of obtaining (...)


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Despite sanctions, millions flowed into DRC bank accounts linked to Israeli (...)

  2/03 | International accountancy firm PwC warned that activity at company tied to Israeli billionaire may not comply with U.S. sanctions, yet (...)

Haaretz cartoon


Benjamin Netanyahu claims he’s not involved in bills to save him from trial

  2/03 | ‘I’m not intervening in this at all, neither promoting it nor blocking it,’ Israeli prime minister insists to Army (...)

Israel's AG says Netanyahu needs cabinet approval before exporting vaccines

  2/03 | The prime minister had intended to use surplus vaccine doses as a bargaining chip with other countries

Israeli cabinet votes to reopen more schools, cafes on Sunday

  2/03 | This goes against the advice of the Health Ministry, which advocated for a slower exit in light of rising infection (...)

Israel's government is using COVID to deprive citizens of their basic rights

  2/03 | It’s no surprise that no other country is barring its own citizens from returning. This is an Israeli innovation
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