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Israel-Palestine : The Missing Headlines Studies show that US coverage is Israeli-centric. The main bureaus for CNN, Associated Press, Time, etc. are located in Israel and often staffed by (...)

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Middle East Clarity - Latest Postings Middle East Clarity brings you the best in aggregation of online political, military and economic news and analysis from and about Israel and the Middle (...)

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Suliman’s journey from ‘Fauda’ to Knesset to Nazareth

  6/03 | Hisham Suliman been busy during the pandemic working on new productions at the Fringe Theater in Nazareth, where he is a director as (...)

Brighton v Leicester : Premier League – live !

  6/03 | Premier League updates from the 8pm GMT kick-offXhaka blunder and late VAR drama cost Arsenal at BurnleyAny thoughts? You can mail John (...)

Coronavirus : Gov't approves gradual reopening of restaurants, airport

  6/03 | Starting from tomorrow, the airport will partially reopen and some 1,000 Israelis will be able to enter the (...)

Football Index customers furious as terms alterations spark market crash

  6/03 | Price falls follow 28 days’ notice of drop in dividend paymentsFirm says decision to cut dividends ‘unfortunate but necessary’ Thousands (...)

ICC decision makes the Israeli-Palestinian 1967 lines relevant once again

  6/03 | The prosecutor’s decision to launch an investigation into possible war crimes by Israel was made possible by the UN decision to grant (...)

Lebanon's caretaker PM warns of chaos as currency plunges

  6/03 | In October, Saad Hariri was named to form a new Cabinet but five months later, disagreements between him and President Michel Aoun on (...)

Settlement pacts in Syria's Daraa : A hunt for dissidents

27/01 | "Regime violations are not new...People of Dara'a were killed by air shelling and internationally-banned weapons. Thousands (...)

‘Stop silencing MENA critical voices,’ say activists in open letter to Twitter and (...)

20/12 | A decade after uprisings heavily relied on social media to topple dictators across the region, human rights defenders denounce these (...)

Why America and Israel need a new Iran strategy

29/11 | Mobilization of Arab resources to crowd Iran out is more practical than using US power or Israeli covert ops to subjugate Iran or to (...)

The Syrian Prime Minister was a double agent who gave crucial intelligence to David (...)

14/11 | By Meir Zamir First published in Haaretz newspaper on November 13, 2020 In the summer of 1945, no one was more hated by French (...)

Saving Syria’s Children

25/11 | Londoners: this is happening on Wednesday night, an Intelligence Squared debate with Save the children: How should the world protect (...)

A left-wing response to left-wing delusions on Syria

27/05 | I can’t say I agree with everything in this, but it’s certainly an interesting read. It’s a response to a comment piece by Lindsey German. (...)
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