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Israel-Palestine : The Missing Headlines Studies show that US coverage is Israeli-centric. The main bureaus for CNN, Associated Press, Time, etc. are located in Israel and often staffed by (...)

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Middle East Clarity - Latest Postings Middle East Clarity brings you the best in aggregation of online political, military and economic news and analysis from and about Israel and the Middle (...)

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Coronavirus live news : India sees record new cases as Texas warns of overwhelmed (...)

  6/07 | Iran sees highest daily deaths; UK government injects £1.57bn into arts and heritage; Spain puts part of Galicia back into lockdown. (...)

Dukes of Hazzard car not going anywhere, says US auto museum

  6/07 | Despite toppling of civil war-era statues, Illinois museum says no one has complained about TV show’s Dodge Charger painted with (...)

'Israel has days to contain coronavirus outbreak, or health services could (...)

  5/07 | Expert panel issues stark warning, urges Israeli army to take over management of coronavirus crisis

How Israel discriminates against evangelical Christians

  5/07 | When Israel shuts down a channel run by one of the world's largest Christian broadcasting networks, it appears that the (...)

Finance Minister Israel Katz drafting economic plan until vaccine ready

  5/07 | “The coronavirus unfortunately does not intend to leave us,” Katz said.

OECD official : Israel leads in digitization, cyber - Watch Now

  5/07 | "The Israeli level of development and digitization is twice that of other OECD countries."

Turkey Conducts Its Seventh Series of Airstrikes On Sinjar, Violating International Law Amid (...)

17/06 | In the early morning of June 15, 2020, before 01:00 a.m., Turkey conducted a series of airstrikes on Sinjar Mountain that lasted 40 to (...)

Lebanon’s Economic Collapse : Consequences for Israel – by Aiman Mansour

14/06 | Some Israelis believe that crippling Lebanon economically will weaken Hezbollah and help Israel. They are probably wrong. The post (...)

COVID-19 : Switching online is not an option in conflict-stricken countries in the Middle (...)

11/05 | While the internet provides a lifeline in wealthy countries during COVID-19, this is not the case in conflict-stricken countries in the (...)

The nightmare in Syria continues amid new coronavirus fears

11/05 | The gathering of displaced persons in Idlib, Syria, has sparked international concern that this community — living under the harshest (...)

Saving Syria’s Children

25/11 | Londoners: this is happening on Wednesday night, an Intelligence Squared debate with Save the children: How should the world protect (...)

A left-wing response to left-wing delusions on Syria

27/05 | I can’t say I agree with everything in this, but it’s certainly an interesting read. It’s a response to a comment piece by Lindsey German. (...)
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