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5/06 | I wrote this in 1993, perhaps, in a two-bedroom house where I lived for a year on the outskirts of Lawrence, Kansas, a half-block from (...)

The General in his Resort

13/12 | I went boating with the alleged war criminal General François Olenga a few weekends ago (in August, 2017), at the riverside resort he (...)

African Poverty Numbers Grow, as World's Decline

6/09 | This gif, showing African poverty numbers growing as the rest of the world's decline, is sobering. Here's a link: (...)

My Story—or at any rate, one of them

31/07 | Many years ago, when I was young and harbored the dream of becoming the next George Orwell, I lived for a year in a shanty town in (...)

An Unpublished note to the Intercept

11/02 | The Intercept published a long, not especially well-informed piece on Trump's proposed roll-back of the conflict minerals (...)

The Origins of AIDS

29/10 | This is a draft of the first part of an abandoned two-part book review I wrote a while back about three books about the origins and (...)

The Price of Bad Governance

22/03 | How much does the legacy of Mobutu and Kabila cost the people of DR Congo? One way is to compare the infant mortality rate to other (...)

Quote of the Day

5/03 | From remarks John Kerry gave at the LiveAtState virtual press conference: Question: “What is the U.S.’s interest in South Sudan? And (...)

Exclusive : Global Witness Outed as Sleeper Cell for the Chamber of Commerce*

27/05 | In a dramatic turn of events, one of the leading advocacy groups for the conflict minerals campaign has outed itself as a mole for the (...)

M23 vs. South African Defense Forces : The Battle Dress

13/05 | Cool graphic from South Africa's TimesLive.

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W.H.O. Workers Are Accused of Sex Abuse During Ebola Response in Congo

  30/09 | The U.N. health agency, already grappling with the challenge of leading the global response to the coronavirus pandemic, vowed it would (...)


  30/09 | Nyuma yumunsi umwe gusa intumwa za LETA ya CONGO ziyobowe na MInistre wa Defense hamwe na Ministre Azarias Ruberwa hamwe nabandi (...)

EXCLUSIVE : More than 50 women accuse aid workers of sex abuse in Congo Ebola (...)

  29/09 | <![CDATA[/* >.accordion__trigger::after top: 1.4rem; .bullet-box background: #f2f2f2; padding: 15px; margin: 15px 15px 15px 15px; (...)

The Role of the DRC government and the UN in the current ongoing Genocide against Banyamulenge (...)

24/09 | The Role of the DRC government and the UN in the current ongoing Genocide against Banyamulenge in Minembwe and the solution to the real (...)

The Role of the DRC government and the UN in the current ongoing Genocide against Banyamulenge (...)

23/09 | It is so unbelievable but true, that it has been over three years that the ongoing genocide against Banyamulenge people in Minembwe, (...)

To Protest Colonialism, He Takes Artifacts From Museums

21/09 | Mwazulu Diyabanza will appear in a Paris court this month after he tried to make off with an African treasure he says was looted. (...)
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