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MAVERICK CITIZEN 168 : Life’s not a beach during Covid-19

  16/01 | There have been a few instances of people flouting the beach ban across most of the nation’s beaches, with several steep fines issued, (...)

MAVERICK SPORT 168 : Proteas in Pakistan for the first time in a generation

  16/01 | As the South African squad tour Pakistan for the first time since 2007, they’ll be getting priceless advice from coach Mark Boucher, who (...)

Premier Winde Calls On President Ramaphosa to Intervene in Sassa Crisis

  16/01 | [GroundUp] This comes after police opened a water cannon on people queueing for grants in Bellville

Darian Townsend's Mission to Nurture Future Swimmers

  16/01 | [New Frame] The South African-born and gold-medal-winning Olympian is looking to build a strong swimming team at Ottawa University (...)

Women’s liberation and media in post-independence Tanzania

  15/01 | Fatma Alloo’s activism grew in the decades following Tanzania’s independence in 1961, when she worked as

We work like elephants, and eat like ants

  15/01 | In January 2020, I was speaking to a group of so-called “artisanal refiners” in Port Harcourt,

Podcast : Outlining an African Feminist Agenda

  15/01 | Civil Society Dialogue in the Horn of Africa Series: Outlining an African Feminist Agenda (podcast) The post Podcast: Outlining an (...)

In Memoriam : Seyoum Mesfin, Ethiopian Peacemaker and Patriot

14/01 | In Memoriam: Seyoum Mesfin The post In Memoriam: Seyoum Mesfin, Ethiopian Peacemaker and Patriot appeared first on African (...)

Gus Ferguson, 1940—2020, RIP

27/12 | The publisher, poet, cartoonist and humourist Gus Ferguson has died in Cape Town. Born in 1940 in Scotland, Ferguson (...)

[The JRB Daily] Top 10 of 2020—a look back at our most popular articles of the (...)

21/12 | This December marked the The JRB’s forty-second issue, the final issue of our fourth volume. With the new year (...)

The Political Party System : No Friend of the Working Class

17/12 | The question of state government elections and running a workers or socialist political party continues to be raised in the (...)

Building Trade Union Democracy as Prefigurative Politics in South Africa

7/12 | In examining the possibilities for politics within and at a distance from the state, it is important to revisit the democratic (...)
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