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UK trained military of 15 countries with poor human rights records

17/01 | Campaigners seek inquiry into whether skills gained in UK were used to commit abuses in countries such as Bahrain, China and Saudi (...)

'Like torture’ : Calais police accused of continued migrant rights abuses

13/01 | Relentless and escalating programme of refugee evictions amounts to a campaign of harassment, say activists Shortly before sunrise on 9 (...)

Tigray refugees recount the horrors of Ethiopia's new conflict

19/11 | The refugees trekked for days to cross the border, dodging airstrikes and well-armed soldiers in their country’s escalating civil war. (...)

Briefing : Sudan comes in from the cold as it transitions to civilian rule

29/08 | Sometime in the next few days, Sudan’s new cabinet will meet for the first time. That will mark the start of a three-year transition (...)
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