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Dozens of bodies found floating in river between Ethiopia’s Tigray and Sudan

3/08 | Witnesses report some of the corpses had gunshot wounds or their hands tied amid escalating conflict in the region in recent weeks A (...)

Refugees hit hardest as deadly floods sweep across continents

31/07 | Death toll rises as storms continue to rip through communities, destroying homes and livelihoods As heavy rains and floods dominate (...)

In Darfur’s rebel-held mountains, the war is far from over

21/04 | Armed groups from Sudan’s western region of Darfur – and other parts of the country – signed a peace deal in October with the transitional (...)

Tigray refugees recount the horrors of Ethiopia's new conflict

19/11 | The refugees trekked for days to cross the border, dodging airstrikes and well-armed soldiers in their country’s escalating civil war. (...)
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