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Saving Syria’s Children

25/11 | Londoners: this is happening on Wednesday night, an Intelligence Squared debate with Save the children: How should the world protect (...)

A left-wing response to left-wing delusions on Syria

27/05 | I can’t say I agree with everything in this, but it’s certainly an interesting read. It’s a response to a comment piece by Lindsey German. (...)

Thanks for nothing

21/04 | Unprecedented anger from the Syrian Coalition tonight, the bloodiest day of the Syrian revolution, and the day of yet another alleged (...)

Syria Across the Lines

18/04 | Olly Lambert‘s excellent documentary must be watched. (If you’re outside the UK, watch it in the American language). He spent five weeks (...)

Refugees in their own country

19/12 | While the plight of Syrians who have crossed the border into Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon is well documented, Syria’s domestic refugees (...)

The lowering of the flag

21/11 | Flags are traditionally held at half-mast during times of mourning. Syria has been in mourning for almost two years. At least 38,000 (...)

Opposing Bashar

12/11 | Now that the killing has, in all likelihood, exceeded 30,000, the opposition has finally got its act together. For the first time in (...)

Farouq Al-Sharaa’s missing week

6/09 | It has been said that the Syrian regime only learns of a defection when an official doesn’t turn up to work. So when the country’s vice (...)

Syria : the bad old good old days

21/08 | An interesting argument is brewing over on The Spectator blog, between Nick Cohen and the always readable Matthew Teller. It started (...)

Fighter jets bomb Aleppo

24/07 | Syrian fighter jets have bombed Aleppo, according to the BBC’s Ian Pannell. Separately, ITV News reporter Bill Neely has caught on (...)


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Settlement pacts in Syria's Daraa : A hunt for dissidents

27/01 | "Regime violations are not new...People of Dara'a were killed by air shelling and internationally-banned weapons. Thousands (...)

‘Stop silencing MENA critical voices,’ say activists in open letter to Twitter and (...)

20/12 | A decade after uprisings heavily relied on social media to topple dictators across the region, human rights defenders denounce these (...)

US in Syria : What to expect of the new administration ?

8/12 | Humanitarian considerations will be the main distinction between the two US administrations in Syria's war, where Washington vies (...)

Why America and Israel need a new Iran strategy

29/11 | Mobilization of Arab resources to crowd Iran out is more practical than using US power or Israeli covert ops to subjugate Iran or to (...)

The Syrian Prime Minister was a double agent who gave crucial intelligence to David (...)

14/11 | By Meir Zamir First published in Haaretz newspaper on November 13, 2020 In the summer of 1945, no one was more hated by French (...)

The Democrats and Syria : The Potential for a Regional Grand Bargain if Biden Wins (...)

27/10 | By Kevin Amirehsani With the U.S. presidential election just one week away, the Democrats’ sights are set on taking back the Oval (...)
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