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Turkey Conducts Its Seventh Series of Airstrikes On Sinjar, Violating International Law Amid (...)

17/06 | In the early morning of June 15, 2020, before 01:00 a.m., Turkey conducted a series of airstrikes on Sinjar Mountain that lasted 40 to (...)

Lebanon’s Economic Collapse : Consequences for Israel – by Aiman Mansour

14/06 | Some Israelis believe that crippling Lebanon economically will weaken Hezbollah and help Israel. They are probably wrong. The post (...)

Did the Arabs have a “coordinated invasion plan” to “launch a blitzkrieg” on Israel in 1948 ? Bob (...)

27/05 | Meir Zamir has done us a great service in his presentation of archival evidence of French intelligence reports and French perceptions (...)

Intelligence Documents Reveal What Ben-Gurion Knew When Declaring the State of Israel on May (...)

23/05 | First published in Haaretz newspaper, May 14, 2020 By Meir Zamir Late on the night of Wednesday, May 12, 1948, Israel’s provisional (...)

Remembering Shaheen : A Yazidi Who Gave His Life Rescuing Arab Muslims in Mosul

18/05 | By Matthew Travis Barber A few days ago was the third anniversary of the death of Shaheen Khalaf, a Yazidi who gave his life rescuing (...)

Mission (Almost) Impossible for Iraq’s New Prime Minister

15/05 | By Mohammed Shiaa and Sylvain MercadierThis article is a translation from the French original, which can be accessed at OrientXXI. (...)

COVID-19 : Switching online is not an option in conflict-stricken countries in the Middle (...)

11/05 | While the internet provides a lifeline in wealthy countries during COVID-19, this is not the case in conflict-stricken countries in the (...)

The nightmare in Syria continues amid new coronavirus fears

11/05 | The gathering of displaced persons in Idlib, Syria, has sparked international concern that this community — living under the harshest (...)

The Assad–Makhlouf Rift : A Sign of Assad’s Strength

7/05 | By Aiman Mansour7 May 2020For Syria Comment Recent developments in Syria suggest that the country is about to go through a significant (...)

Returning to Hafiz al-Assad’s Syria : Bashar Heads Back to the Future in 2020

1er/04 | President Bashar al-Assad was the main catalyst for reform in Syria’s economy and to a lesser degree in its political institutions (...)

Nikolaos van Dam on Syria, Assad, the Opposition, Refugees, Kurds, Terrorism, & the Future (...)

10/01 | By Nikolaos van Dam – ⓐnikolaosvandam PREFACE TO THE ARABIC EDITION OF DESTROYING A NATION: THE CIVIL WAR IN SYRIA Tadmir Watan: al-Harb (...)

US withdrawal from Syria tests Russian soldiers’ social media use

12/11 | New footage from Syria shows that despite new information security measures, the Russian military is willing to weaponise its (...)
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